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Dorian Yates' Less is better! "

In discussing the frequency of training in bodybuilding, many theorists' spear broke. "The advantage of my point of view is that this has been proved practice.

Dorian Yates about training muscle 'Less is better'!

At one time to resolve the issue about how often need to go to the gym, helped me blisters on my own hands. It is known that the skin becomes coarse on the hands due to the ever hold the "iron." The formation of blisters - a protective reaction of the skin. But, if you start from day to day torment hands a barbell, leather wear out well and turn into blisters bleeding wounds. It turns out that even the calluses need rest. During that time the skin to "patch" the damaged areas.

The same thing, as I understand, occurs with muscles, because they are the same biological tissue as the skin. I noticed that a good workout muscle or muscle group to have at least a few recovery days. In this sense, even training every other day would be excessive.

It was found that the average time to restore muscles equal 48-72 hours. Small muscles, such as bicepsenough 48 hours, but the quads or back needed a rest longer - up to 72 hours. Personally, I believe that in all cases the recovery interval should be not less than 72 hours.

When I give advice training three times a week, I mean split-training, when the body is divided into two halves. Each half should be train every second workout. Of course, provided that the training you will be extremely intense.

Training every second day for one and the same set of exercises - this thing completely hopeless. All this I know from personal experience.

It would seem that the condition of rest for 72 hours, does not exclude the daily training. Like, you can scattered exercises for split complexes so that the training will be every day, but some of the muscles get a break in training in 3 days. But it is deeply misleading. Recover not only the muscles, but also all the physiological systems of the body. The nervous system can not "bomb" workout stress daily. The body takes a deep comprehensive recreation, so the bodybuilder must perform a minimum of 1-2 days outside the gym.


The stronger you become, the more the load requires muscle for the stimulation of growth. Unfortunately, the ability to recover is not growing as fast as the strength and mass.

Dorian Yates about training muscle 'Less is better'

Let us assume a beginner bodybuilder biceps lifts weight of 16 kg. The volume of his hand - 32 sm In a few years he will lift 65 kg, and its volume is 50 cm biceps force grew by 400%. But the body's ability to recover after such a load increased, but to a much lesser degree - only 50%.

Furthermore, in order to bring to the "failure" hand of 50 sm, will require much more work than when the arm was 32 cm. What happens? Force is growing faster than the ability to recover. The more experienced athlete - the more effort he has to make to achieve a "failure." Thus, the recovery time he would need more than a beginner. If biceps 32sm recover in two days, and 50cm ofit would take least 5-6 days.

Without increasing the workloads you will not get progress. But the higher the intensity, the longer the muscles recover. That means we need to train less frequently than before.

In 1990, I trained each body part once every five days. In 1992 - one once every six days. Now - once every eight days. In 1992, I did for two main sets per exercise, now - just one. I spend at the gym much less time. But I gain weight as never before.
Symptoms of overtraining.

The purpose of training - steady progress. You must establish a balance between a full recovery and the intensity of training. Listen to your body and determine if there are any symptoms of overtraining. Among these are:

* General feeling of fatigue
* Irritability
* Poor appetite
* bad sleep
* Pain in the joints
* "Heavy" head, headaches, nausea,
* Depressed mood.

Enough at least two of these symptoms - and with full power training will not work. The only way to to cure - do not train until it again will feel the craving for training.

While the recovery will take place and rest, you should soberly assess your program. Most likely, it will have to reconsider - to reduce the number of training and their time. When returning to the gym, clearly follow your program and concentrate.

A huge role in the recovery process is getting enough sleep. During sleep, the body quickly compensates spent reserves and activates the production of growth hormone. Do not allow yourself not to fill up! And one indispensable link in the chain - a balanced diet. 55-60% of the calories you should get from carbohydrates, 25-30% - from protein and 10-15% - from fat. Do not forget about food additives. Very well help restore the B vitamins and vitamin C. Group C improves the absorption of protein and carbohydrates, and vitamin C (by the way, I take it daily for 3 grams) strengthens the immune system and protects against colds, sore throats and flu.

Remember: if you do not give yourself to recover, bring a workout injury. You will weaken, to lose muscle and feel ugly. At the beginning of bodybuilding, I forced myself to practice every day until complete stupefaction, even though my body is literally prayed for a couple days of rest. Now I know that the philosophy of «kamikadze» for bodybuilding is not suitable. Should take the "not quantity but quality."

Dorian Yates' Less is better! "

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