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Why muscles are painful after a workout?

During an exercise, there are large mechanical loads on myofibrils (myofibrils are cells of muscle fibers) The myofibrils under the influence of the mechanical loads get torn. Since all the myofibrils are of different lengths, shorter myofibrils get torn more easily.

Also, during a long anaerobic exercise, of one minute and more, a stronger acidification occurs, as for example in a superset ( 12 repetitions of squats + 12 repetitions of leg extension). So, because an acidification create hydrogen ions, your muscles, or more precisely your myofibrils, can collapse under the influence of these hydrogen ions.

Myofibrils have to be completely destroyed by lysosomes. The lysosomal enzymes begin to disassemble myofibrils. Lysosomes are cleaner of cells, more simply said. Then occurs an inflammation in muscles and rush of liquid in the site of the inflammation. The cells increase in volume , muscles get swollen, cell membranes are stretched, and, since the pain receptors in the membranes are under pressure, as a result we feel pain in the muscles.

But!... About the pain after exercise mentioned above, it is more correct to speak of «a little sore». It's even a pleasant pain and feeling of swelling muscles. But if it is very painful and you have a lot of discomfort, failure or restriction of movements by pain, this may indicate a serious injury (a sprain). In this case, you should consult your doctor!

Why muscles are painful after a workout?

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