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Albert Beckles turned 82!

Albert Beckles turned 82!The outstanding long-lived bodybuilding Albert Beckles recently turned 82 years old, and this honorable old champion himself still feels fine, even quite recently transferred ten-operation, which was the cause of a herniated disc. However, the "old guard" even to the ninth decade of not going to spare myself, and now Albert has returned to training.

Short Bio:

Albert Beckles was born July 4, 1930 on the island of Barbados, which is a colony of England. He moved to London, where he began bodybuilding. In the mid-60s, he gets his first title of NABBA. In 1967, wins the "Mr. Universe". In 1971 he came under the wing of the IFBB and begins aggressively to break through to the Olympus bodybuilding. Throughout his career Albert Beckles participated in 100 events. In 1982, wins the "Night of Champions." Beckles the "Olympia" appeared 13 times in a row. In 1991 he spoke at the "Olympia" Last time (in '62). Niagara Falls Pro was the end of his career.
Beckles known for his biceps peaks. Joe Weider wrote that Beckles could train three times a day: morning, afternoon and evening. In addition, Beckles was a vegetarian.

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  1. Great bodybuilder! Top physical strength.