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Mr. Olympia 1971 Arnold Schwarzenegger has remained one

Mr. Olympia 1971 Arnold SchwarzeneggerMr. Olympia 1971 , the I was searching for videos, but found only a photo. Apparently easy victory of Arnold in 1971, when Mr. Olympia was held in Paris a week after the NABBA Universe, where "Arnie" had no competition, no one interest. Joke! But suddenly found, to my shame, new information for themselves on that contest.

Turns out to be Mr. Olympia 1971 IFBB applied for Sergio Oliva, but was disqualified for taking part in the tournament, "Mr. Universe 1971 NABBA week before the Olympia. Before that, Ben Weider Sergio pleaded not disqualify themselves by participating in an unsanctioned event. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, wanting to compete, "said Sergio six weeks before the Mr. Olympia, IFBB that will not allow him to speak after attending the NABBA. It was the first year, when the IFBB announced its dominance, autonomy and the right to disqualify athletes who compete in unsanctioned events (for example, competing organizations, such as NABBA)..
Instead of participation, Sergio was allowed to sit as a guest and then, after sending a letter of apology to Congress IFBB.
Here's a story here.

Mr. Olympia 1971 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mr. Olympia 1971 Arnold Schwarzenegger has remained one

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