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Kai Greene parted ways with his trainer Oscar Ardennes

Bodybuilding news 2011. Kai Green parted ways with his trainer Oscar Ardennes
Why Kai Greene left Oscar?

Interesting information came from a special correspondent of the portal who lives in the us Anton Dotsenko: Kai Greene decided to stop working with his coach Oscar Ardennes. Cooperation Oscar and Kai started before the Arnold classic in 2009, although they had previously known.
Alliance immediately paid off - the victory in Columbus, which contributed to the continuation of the tandem. This is true, but things don't go as expected. Yes, there was the victory at the Arnold classic in 2010, but began to notice that the form Kai Greene is aggravated by the continuous, and since then he is not famous for its excellent condition. However, a steady growth of the total mass - really well, they say that the training of the professed Ardennes, is focused on this.

Mr. Olympia 2010 Kai Greene brought disorders. A distinctive that Oscar Ardennes own mistakes in the preparation of the sportsman is not allowed to write off the bad performance, and of the factors. Perhaps it was the fact that "stress and others." Green and decided to end their relationship, in terms of training, with Oscar Despite established between them at this time friendly business. New coach Kai Greene can become George Farah, Ardennes completely focused on preparation for the new season athlete - Victor Martinez.


Kai Green parted ways with his trainer Oscar Ardennes

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