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How to build chest muscles? Nine tips

How to build chest muscles? Nine tipsOver the past two weeks, to me asked the question three times in the letters of "how to build chest muscles?" Or "how to train, when the lagging?». I'll try to write what I know about it.

Lagging chest muscles - this is my problem. With this problem I faced at the beginning of my bodybuilding road. After a year of training I realized that my chest muscles poorly responsive to training. The power grew, both in the bench press, and in the breeding dumbbells lying, but the mass of muscles - poor grew.

I remember my brother and I've been reading "Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding" by Schwarzenegger and began to beat the upper chest muscles every workout, plus a separate workout we did for the whole pectoral muscles. We did 5 exercises and 5 working to muscle failure sets of each exercise. And it was without steroids! Chest does not want to be massive! We are puzzled: "How to build chest muscles?".

We pump chest muscles "as an adult," but did not think too much about the restoration. Although at that time already been hints - good gains in strength and mass after two-week break to rest my aunt in the village. But then do not even think: "Why is this happening?". We continued pump the same way, because everything is done in our gym. In general, build chest muscles for us was almost the first important thing.

Enough history, turn to the question "How to build chest muscles?", And specifically to methods in the gym. The most common problems occur in those who have anatomical structure of the skeleton and bundles fastening is not advantageous in terms of training the chest, one of them and I am. I understood this once when I did bench press with light weight, and after twenty repetitions began to feel a burning sensation in the shoulders and triceps, and chest muscles barely. This may indicates the participation pectoral muscle in work a little.

To solve this problem, I have some arsenal.

1. Train your chest muscles in the first place in training. The principle of priority is working.

2. During bench presses and raising dumbbells lying you have to pull back the shoulders and puffed out chest. This is a position more favorable for the biomechanics of chest muscles.

3. During the dumbbell and barbell bench presses not straighten arms fully, to work about 3/4 of the amplitude. At the top of most of load falls on the triceps, on this exclude this movement phase.

4. During Dumbbell flyes as amplitude 3/4. Hands of the upper-point of movement should not be parallel, slightly apart.

5. Try superset bench press + Dumbbell flyes, for example 6 +6. This will further to focus on chest.

6. Try experimenting with the number of reps from 6 to 12.

7. If in training exercises for three pectoral musclesthen do one bench press and two Dumbbell flyes. This is useful for those who can not bench press to punch chest.

8. Try to increase the weight working from one to the next hard workout.

9. The number of working sets of each developing training to increase from two to four, then need a recovery period. Read the training program "maximum" will understand the principle cyclic load.

In any case, have to experiment. Important not to forget that time is muscle recovery after heavy workouts about 15 days. More often train the muscle chest is not necessary, except with the pharmacology. But more about that and about how to focus on lagging muscle in a separate article.

How to build chest muscles? Nine tips

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