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Alex Shabunya strikes back!

Over the last few years, quite a large number of our athletes tried their chances of Pro-stage. Really loudly declare about themselves, unfortunately, perhaps, could not find anyone. Individual athletes, whose names are really well known Americans is Alexander Fedorov, simultaneously suggesting to the fears of the opponents and causing a crazy interest to fans, Sergei Shelestov, Eugeny Mishin and Denis Sergovsky.

Alex Shabunya

Was in the Amateur bodybuilding athlete, the transition to the professionals which waited a long time and persistently, - Alex Shabunya. Alexey last year received the Pro-card, having won the European Cup 2012 and this year will debut among professionals in the tournament "Tampa Pro" after six weeks.

Alex Shabunya: "I Feel great! Preparation goes according to plan, and now I weigh 123 kg, am planning on stage be about 120 kg, and as it will be seen. Train now specifically with small weights to reduce the risk of injury."

Alex Shabunya

Alex Shabunya

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