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Sara Beckman, a multiple world champion in armwrestling, will not fight at the European Championships 2013 in Lithuania

Sara Beckman will not fight at the European Championships 2013 in Lithuania

About the reasons this decision sportswoman wrote in an official address to the sporting public:
"Greetings, I'll share with you some news, thoughts and opinions from myself right now.

Sara Beckman

I'm sad, and I hate the Swedish system in Arm Wrestling Federation. It turned out I will not fight in the most important for me in this year's championships: the European Championship and the World Cup in arm wrestling. I missed the Swedish national championship where I was supposed to win or take second place to claim a place in the team and represent my country. But I missed it because I was flying on ARMWRESTLING-TV in Japan, an event that helps our sport to grow worldwide.

The fact that I won a double gold at the European Championships and the World Championships in 2012, just five months ago, before that no one has ever done before - not in the bill. No one cares. At least, my own country.
I thought that my double world gold five months ago, should allow me to qualify for the championship this year. As far as I know, every other sport has such a system, as well as in other countries.
It should be not only to me but also to all who won the world title the year before in any sport!

It just shows that Sweden does not care about the results of the international level sport in arm wrestling. But still ... it makes me hurt, and certainly affect my motivation to continue to compete. Maybe I should start doing something else. Or is it just God's will, to tell me that it's time to rest ... or something else - I do not know.

I will still participate in professional tournaments in arm wrestling.
Never stop doing what you love to do. Make yourself happy. "

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