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Result ArmFight Egle Vaykute (Lithuania): Sara Beckman (Sweden) 5-0

The result of the meeting at a arm wrestling table March 31 in Turkey was the defeat of the Swedish athletes multiple world champion in the 70 kg category Sarah Beckman in a fight with no less than the award-winning athletes Vaykute Egle, which not once became world champion in the category of up to 80 and more than 80 kg.

ArmFight Egle Vaykute (Lithuania): Sara Beckman (Sweden)

Egle Vaykute commented on her fight with Sarah:
"Sarah really strong opponent, it is now in good physical shape, but the truth is she has lost weight and it is making its presence felt. As rival Sarah at the table, I can say that she convenient "for me, she prefers to fight" to the hook "and it is my very strong place, for this reason, she did not have a chance.

The next event on the plan it is European Championships and other tournaments I will not be distracted, but after a look at the application for participation in the tournament A1 I have already filed, hopefully would pluck category and I'm happy to come again to Russia. "

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