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Bodybuilding and fitness are included in the program of the first Olympic Games in Europe

Rafael Santonja, IFBB President, announced the news that bodybuilding and fitness officially enrolled in the program of the first Olympic Games of the European countries, which will be held in June 2015 in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

Rafael Santonja

The event will be conducted the International Olympic organization uniting currently 49 national Olympic committees in Europe.

Rafael Santonja, "Bodybuilding and fitness are included in the Olympic program in Europe on a par with the Olympic family and the success, of course - the result work of IFBB. In the future, we expect to be in the Olympics, this is our dream and the dream of the founder of the IFBB Ben Waider, a dream that we deserve. Maybe not in the near future, but in our sport we've nothing was easy! "

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