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Arnold Classic 2013 Dexter took the fourth Arnold

Arnold Classic 2013 Dexter took the fourth Arnold
As I expected, the Arnold Classic in 2013 was not for me as bright as previous tournaments. Of course this is due to lack of the competitive scene Heath Green, Wolf, Cutler, Warren Centopani. But, anyway, I took great pleasure watching the webcast.

So, Dexter Jackson, as many had expected and predicted the champion Arnold Classic 2013 and took home $ 130 thousand. The victory was the fourth for the Blade, which he repeated the record of the legendary Flex Wheeler and the 14th in his pro career. Not bad in 43 years!

For this Arnold, all participants were preparing hard and showed great quality of muscles, it is understandable - the chance to climb a few steps above about not be missed.

Placement places for me, as for viewers was not understandable on some athletes. As always, prizes received not only athletesbut also of their sponsors, but it is exactly PRO bodybuilding.

Still at the preliminary judging, it was clear that Dexter will be the champion, the other focused on the fight for a place from the 2nd to 6th. Dexter showed stable excellent quality, plus his proportions that he was clearly better than Pakulski and Freeman. That's the result - the fourth Arnold took he. The audience is very supported Blade, especially women. I did not find any posture in which Jackson would lose, may be only a maximum muscular, in this position, he was not the most massive.

Video of the first comparison

One can say that the second and third places were resolved immediately, as for the first comparison were called and Ben Pakulski and Tony Freeman.
Pakulski became heavier from last year, the quality of high-level, but that seemed to me widish waist. Flaunt he, of course, his legs that even during the webcast his legs called one of the most outstanding among the Pro bodybuilders, but that his back remains weak, especially in thickness. Otherwise, he was steady worthy of a high place. Additionally, he received the title of "most muscular", and of $ 75tys. It is involved in the Arnold third time.

X-MAN Toney Freeman was the third and took the $ 50K He was dry, only the back seemed to me a little water under his skin. Honestly, he did not surprise me, I wanted to see more meat on him. I do not agree with his third place.

Johnnie Jackson 4 and $ 30 thousand it. This is his highest title and it was clear that he was pleased that result. He did not change: top of body is massive, dense, legs - no way.

Hidetada Yamagishi 5 and $ 15tys him. He seemed massive than ever Hidetada proved itself worthy, given the fact that he broke his wrist a month before the tournament.

Well, Cedric McMillan gave the 6th place and $ 10 thousand I gave him second place. Excellent proportions, better than Pakulski, massive, narrow waist. About him saying that he is like constitution to Lee Haney. The audience simply wailed when he was declared the sixth, but he said he was all right, he was glad it was his debut at the Arnold Classic. He would make more massive back and all. Time and increased muscle mass will do their work, he will be able to fight on equal even with Greene and Phil Heath, but if he will not repeat in 2011 at New York Pro 2011, when he became the 11th and MuscleTech broke his contract.
Now McMillan signed a contract with MuscularDevelopment, which is good, because this magazine shows regular training their athletes and news about them, so Cedric will be in sight.

Other participants have to work even harder.
Separately, I can only express disappointment at Ronnie Rokel, it looked massive, but smooth, and on the last one.

The results of the Arnold Classic 2013:
1. Dexter Jackson
2. Ben Pakulski
3. Tony Freeman
4. Johnny Jackson
5. Hidetada Yamagishi
6. Cedric McMillan
7. Fred Smalls
8. Edward Nunn
9. Charles Darrem
10. Fouad Abiad
11. Marcus Haley
12. Michael Kefalianos
13. Ronnie Rokel

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