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Terminator 5 Started filming

Terminator 5 Started filming

Terminator 5 started filming can be expected in early 2013. The plot of the film will be a continuation of the history that was put forward for viewers in the fourth film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said, "I can not now tell more in detail, because they all want to keep secret. I can only say that I start to work in the next year, and I confess to you honestly, it will be the most difficult shooting a movie in my life.

The shooting schedule is very hard: the shooting of the film has a total of six months. So I have to work hard to put himself in shape. As far as I know, will continue the story of the last of the "Terminator." Of course, some producers and franchise owners were unhappy with McGee, but the story itself is worthy of development. Likely the fifth and sixth parts will be final."

As it became known the owner of the franchise, "Terminator" Megan Ellison has already completed production team selection of the fifth series of the famous fiction film.
"Terminator 5" to date has no written and directed, also shooting schedule to be announced. James Cameron will act as a consultant to the film.

Terminator 5 started filming

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