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2012 Masters Olympia Results

2012 Masters Olympia. Dexter Jackson won!

The next and a very predictable victory Dexter Jackson, the second is as was expected, Tony Freeman. Quite successful may be called back on stage and the third place Dennis James.

2012 Masters Olympia Results

What about Ronnie Coleman guest posing? I will express my opinion that the champion who retired long ago should not return to the stage. They can participate in television shows, interviews, but to go on stage to pose and showing muscles that showed Coleman? I would not do it.

The prize fund was divided as follows:
1. Dexter Jackson - $ 75,000
2. Toney Freeman - $ 35,000
3. Dennis James - $ 25,000
4. Edward Nan - $ 10,000
5. Ronnie Rokel - $ 5000

Ronnie Coleman Guest Posing at The 2012 Master Mr Olympia

2012 Masters Olympia Results

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