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Victor Martinez broke his arm

Victor Martinez broke his arm
What is bad luck, and how to fight it! For Champion "Arnold Classic" of Victor Martinez continues dark string of bad luck, so much so that Vic can be recognized leader in the number of accidents that happened to him in his entire professional career.

Just yesterday, during a photo shoot, Victor decided to make a joke Arm Fight that ended fractured right hand. Opponent of Victor Martinez also decided to make a joke, and "string up" champion, and he did not want to, but broke his arm, so even in three places!

It is is sad! It at least two months, no loads on your hand! Can only hope for that the body has the property: for example, if you train only one arm, then the second will also progress, but to a lesser degree.

I think the Victor will quickly recover. Let us remember Branch Warren, he also suffer serious injury but after that even became the champion Arnold Classic!

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