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Russian Troopers at Arnold Classic Europe 2012

In mid-October, Madrid will again become the European capital of bodybuilding, where will Arnold Classic Europe 2012.

Russian launched a new video project about bodybuilding "Russian Troopers." Movie will consist of five series that tells the story of the Russian athletes preparing for the Arnold Classic Europe 2012. The first part looks down at the end post.

Russian Troopers at Arnold Classic Europe 2012

Russian team at the tournament in Madrid are going to go to the preliminary information seven athletes and almost all of them will participate in the same weight class, so they will fight with each other! What is this? Russia wants to take home the championship trophy? Something's not that simple!

In the Russian social networks are rumors that there is among athletes psychological struggle. Who among them would be the best? Is this true or it is done to heat intrigue to the upcoming competition?

Why so many Russian athletes will participate in the Arnold Classic Europe 2012? Many rumors. But!

But the intrigue is not only that! As have told in first episode of "The Russian Troopers," Russia Bodybuilding Federation President Vladimir Dubinin plans to hold talks with President IFBB Rafael Santonja about organization Arnold Classic in St. Petersburg!

In the Russian team:
Pavel Kirilenko
Alexey Lesukov
Vitaliy Fateev
Paata Petriashvili
Michael Sidorychev
Maxim Samoylo
Andrey Leonov

Unfortunately there are no English subtitles.


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