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Mr. Olympia 2012. My predictions of events

Mr. Olympia 2012. My prediction of events
Mr. Olympia 2012. My predictions of events

To the most important event on the top of Mount Olympus have 17 days!
To start a good news - Webcast this year will also take place. Broadcast will be, links to view not yet.

Well, the winner this year will be 250 000 $ richer!

Can Phil Heath to defend his title Mr. Olympia in 2012? I think he can - that's obvious. This has already was discussed many times, the sponsors and all that ...

Here's a hint who will be the winner and who is the second place: the main sponsor of the Mr. Olympia company MuscleTech team has two top athletes - Phil Heath and Branch Warren, and here is a picture widescreen-mockup for the webcast. Whom do you see?

Not hard to guess. Personally, I would give their votes this way:
1. Phil Heath
2. Kai Greene
3. Dennis Wolf
4. Branch Warren

And you, to whom You give your voice?

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