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Mr. Olympia 2012 list of participants.Updated

Mr. Olympia 2012 list of participants
Athletes received today qualified for the Mr. Olympia 2012:

2012 Mr. Olympia Qualified

Beyeke, Lionel - France
Centopani, Evan - USA
Cutler, Jay - USA
Greene, Kai - USA
Heath, Phil - USA
Jackson, Dexter - USA
Jackson, Johnnie - USA
Kefalianos, Michael - Australia
Martinez, Victor - Domincan Republic
McMillan, Cedric - USA
Morel, Juan - USA
Obaid, Essa - UAE
Rhoden, Shawn - USA
Rockel, Ronny - Germany
Warren, Branch - USA
Wilmore, Bill - USA
Wolf, Dennis - Germany

212 Showdown Olympia Qualified

Auguste, Al - Haiti
Belgrave, Lyndon - Barbados
Elmadawy, Jamal Ahmed - Kuwait
English, Kevin - USA
Henry, David - USA
Horvath, Jaroslav - Slovakia
Jackson, Tricky - USA
Lewis, Flex - United Kingdom
McQuay, Stan - USA
Noronha, Fernando - Brazil
Osladil, Lukas - Czech Republic
Raymond, Jose - USA
Vanis, Petr - Czech Republic
Vargas, Angel Rangel - Mexico

Athletes who have the qualifications, but for some reason, did not will participate in 2012 Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and Victor Martinez.

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