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How to pump muscles before going out?

I was surprised when I saw the discussion forum about, how to pump muscles before going out. But after some thought, I understood that guys want to look bigger and cool!

I thought of myself as a young. I also wanted to be big, strong and cool!

I mean, I do not see any reason to pump muscles before going out, because the effect of a short time. Longer duration pumping muscle is only after long and hard training, after which the body a long time recovering and pumps blood into the muscles for a long time.

To keep the effect of pumping muscles need at least a regular strain myshtsy statically.

How to pump muscles before going out?

In general, for guys pump muscles before going out is for bodybuilders before going on stage :)

Guys, do not do nonsense, train regularly and hard muscles, muscle mass will increase and you will be happy!

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