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How to make my body more muscular at home?

Men unhappy with their physical form are often asked "how to make my body more muscular at home?". This question arises more often than you can imagine. But to practice it does not reach the vast majority of cases. A lot of these cases. There is a desire, but if something was distracting? Take a break, and do not care about desire. If the desire is strong enough, and you really want to achieve a certain result, making every muscle in his body muscular, and the desire to return. Often remind myself of that!

To get the result you will have to work hard, not to laugh, and maybe even in the hearts of humble curse the author.
What I intend to do for you, it may seem (and seem) countries. But I hope that makes sense.
Suggested exercises will help make your body more muscular, but to fulfill them can and should be at home (funny ask people to engage in the group if they are not happy with your body). Maximum execution time of 1-1.5 hours. Less you do not succeed, and do not rush anywhere. You, in fact, want to achieve results?

The principle of increasing muscle mass

Many people have heard about what exercises are performed for members of the ancient Olympic Games weightlifting competition. The idea is simple and straightforward. The young man, started training, daily lifting calf. With increasing pressure on the calf young athlete constantly increasing.
We do not need the calf, as well as a trip to a time machine. The main thing - the principle of the training. Will perform well-known exercises for physical fitness, thus artificially increasing the weight of his body. This will be your weight on the lessons that will help to more evenly distribute the load.
My friend yoga instructor, a former boxer, told me that the work on each other, like on your body - it's only practice. And, so, no, even the most intelligent chatter can replace five minutes of the practice itself.

How to build muscle at home

Exercises will be performed on the floor and on the bar. As an "extra" weight will use the backpack, which, to begin with, we set some large and heavy book, and continue with the exercises. It's simple as orange!

Pulling up on the bar

Hangs on the bar, grip - hands over, hands shoulder-width apart and tighten. This is nothing new, but not so simple. If you aim to make the body more muscular - most importantly the exercise evenly and smoothly, with the same speed when lifting and lowering the body. This exercise is best done with a maximum "extra" weight that you are able to tighten evenly. Number of approaches when it should be minimal. Breathing through your nose evenly: inhale on the rise, exhale lowering. Raising and lowering should be done with a minimum speed, but are comparable with your deep and steady breaths.

Now I've had enough and it is adjusted for a head. It is advisable to make an odd number of pull-ups. As well as for the previous exercise. This makes it possible to distribute the load to train your endurance. It is important to mentally divide your forces advance to the beginning of the approach, its maximum load, and the ending. Think about it during the exercise.
Effective Pull-up if you want to at least build muscle - 3, and a maximum of 9. But, only without fanaticism!
Next to load using a 1.5 grip shoulder width. This ratio can be arbitrarily gradually increase to 2.
In this mode of exercise will not go unnoticed as the muscles of the arms and back, and abdomen.


Proceed to the push-ups. The principle is the same: a backpack loaded up with a certain amount of "knowledge", we carry out an odd number of push-ups for the approach.
Better to perform push-ups on fists - so you will only improve the efficiency of weight training. Slowly, with the breath, descend evenly and smoothly, with an exhalation, without delay squeeze himself and the "extra" weight.
Start with 5 push-ups for the approach. Alternate approaches are best with the rest lying on his stomach, his hands behind his head. Especially if the "pulls" waist.
As in the case of pulling up for yourself mentally distribute the load, both before and during the exercise. Do as you can, but be prepared for it!

Pump up the muscles of the back

Lying on his stomach, stick your feet under the seat, battery, everything. Just to find a point of support for the exercise. Put your hands behind your head and slowly bending back, raise and lower the upper body.
Start with a 5-lifting-lowering for the approach. Breathe evenly.
If you find a foothold for the legs could not - do not worry. To pump up the muscles of the back, we will do the exercise "boat" with an "extra" weight on your back. Lying on your stomach, bend your knees so that you can grab the toes with his hands. The rest - all the same: to raise and lower the upper body, while helping himself with his hands. Just adjust the length of the backpack straps to pull the weight higher.

Train your abs

To pump up your abdominal muscles, sit on the floor, bend your knees at a right angle. Again looking for support under the battery, sofa, etc. Start to exercise - take a bow back, and when lifting body evenly turn right at the next rising - to the left. During exercise do not lower back on the floor (it will interfere with a backpack).
Do 5.7 upgrades for the approach. Do not give 100%, and then regret it tomorrow! A good, vigorous start can come to naught. You do not need.

After the exercise
Catch your breath. Lie down, but it's better not to sleep. Take a short walk, slowly. Try not to think about exercise, or of the resulting load. It is better not to think about anything.
Woke up an appetite - eat. Do not hesitate. More protein foods, everyone knows that. By the way, MirSovetov recalls that meals - a great tool for rapid recovery of spent forces and to increase muscle mass. For example, the diet was dominated by Roman gladiators barley. And it was barley porridge with sheep or goat fat was the main course of the arena, as well as Roman legionaries.

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