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How to get muscle definition for men?

A lot of us once faced with situations where there biceps, chest muscles developed and increased muscle mass and power phase is behind us, and when you look in the mirror you realize that still something missing for the perfect figure. At this point, it is time to reflect on the words of muscle definition. Guys with a very impressive size in the gym greets each of us. They have muscles, but they any unpresentable. Yes, there is muscle mass but do not forget about the quality of the muscles. While working on the relief of muscle mass can be created from your body a masterpiece.

Towards excellence remains to be done, only the last step: muscle definition. Psychologically, this step is much more difficult. If earlier during a set of muscle mass can be especially not limit yourself to food, but now we have to indulge in your favorite dessert or beer. In addition, all training system needs to change. You need to add cardio and increase the number of repetitions, while reducing weight. But here there are pitfalls - you can lose it, for what was paid liters of sweat, - muscles.

If the muscle definition you want, and lose muscle - not, then it is worth considering the advice listed below. Go on a diet, of course, necessary. Restriction of food intake and the associated lack of carbohydrates will force the body to get energy from the inside by burning subcutaneous zhira.Odnako training intensity in this fall should not. Of course, it's hard. However, if the answer about the purpose for which we spend so much time in the room, no doubt, then get started! Meals to participate, because the pace of metabolism keeps only a fractional power.

And to achieve results in the shortest time high metabolism is essential. In addition, we need to reduce the consumption of primary energy, which are the fats and carbohydrates. But the protein you need to consume in large quantities, the muscles do not have to feel the lack of it. In the process of losing weight to stick to the formula: daily intake of calories should come from protein, 30-45% from fat - 10-15% from carbohydrates - 40-50%.

During the last meal before bedtime should not consume fat at all, carbohydrates should be as small as possible. With a weight of 90 kg + / - 5 kg daily rate is about 2500 calories, which is about equal to 270 g protein, 250 g carbohydrate, 40 g zhirov.Pritok small amount of calories in the body must be a regular, so do not skip meals. If power is not long enough, the body produces the hormone cortisol. At the same time as their own muscle power is used, and goes to decay. This can not be tolerated! Food should be natural, high quality, able to maintain a high rate of digestion and affect hormone metabolism. From fast carbohydrates that are contained in white bread, chocolate bars, biscuits and ice cream, have to give. Cope with hunger will help water or low-fat milk. Also replace half of meals can be protein shake.

If, however, comes a sense that the gym is not strong enough, you can increase the amount of carbohydrates, but only in the food that we eat before trenirovkoy.Sistema food should not give failures - this is one of the main points of this phase of our work. Semi-finished products, a variety of desserts and alcohol must be avoided. Fatty foods such as hot dogs, sausages and pates from the diet must be removed. The challenge now is to eat more low-fat cottage cheese, egg whites, fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, but low-fat varieties such as cod or carp, boiled chicken meat or govyadiny.Pomoch our body to maintain a high level of metabolism may be special additives.

Given the low-calorie diet, they will contribute to weight loss. These additives include carnitine. It not only speeds up the fat burning process and helps maintain muscle, but also increases the level of testosterone. Quickly excrete excess fluid helps caffeine. Achieved good results in the short term and allow green tea or its extract.

On average, the mean daily dose of 300 mg of green tea extract or 250-300 ml of the drink out of it, 200 mg of caffeine before exercise, and 2000 mg of carnitine, taken on an empty stomach or during edy.Ryba must necessarily be included in the diet. Fish oil contains a unique omega-3 fats, which help to reduce weight. Contains the same fats and flax oil. Omega-3 will save a heart attack, since dissolved cholesterol plaques that clog blood vessels. Besides the fact they increase the activity of the brain, normalize lipid metabolism, and help maintain muscle massu.Nelzya say that the acquisition of the desired relief to be easy. Will have to do a lot of both physical and psychological effort. But you want a perfect body ... then starting right now!

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