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How to force the body to lose weight?

Excess weight - it is always a consequence of imbalance of the entire system of the body. The cause may be medical-related health problems. But more often, this is a common discrepancy between the amount of energy consumed and expended.

How to force the body to lose weight?

How to force the body to lose weight?

you will need

- A medical examination;
- Calculator;
- Table-calorie products.

Pass a medical examination to rule out hormonal diseases and to determine the general condition. Perhaps the characteristics of your body require a special diet or some kind of limitation of physical activity.

Determine the amount of energy your body needs to sustain life. This is easily calculated by the following formula:
(Weight x 13.7) + (Height x 5) - (Age, x 6.8) + 66 = base metabolic rate, or the number of calories that you spend just lying in bed.

Multiply the number by a factor of physical activity:
- 1.2 - if you did not play sports and have sedentary work;
- 1.375 - 1-2 times a week, a small exercise (this load can be actively shopping or walk to the metro station);
- 1.55 - if you're three times a week to the gym, load average;
- 1.725 - three times a week to the gym, load strong;
- 1.9 - go to the gym every day, a heavy load (or do hard physical work).

Designate their own "green corridor" - give or take 100 calories to the result. For weight loss you need to get the energy value of consumed food during the day was less than the figures.

During the week, write down everything you ate or drank. Calculate the average amount of consumed calories during the day. Think through what you can to reduce this figure.

Do not cut food too much, enough to reduce the calorie content of products by 10-15 per cent. Otherwise, the body will accept starvation as a signal to make energy reserves.

If you do not want or can not sacrifice your diet, increase consumption. Make it easy by simply increasing their physical activity.

To turn on the fat burning process, not necessarily to raise the bar in the gym. Usual walk for half an hour at a brisk pace will burn about 200-250 calories.

Not necessarily increase the calories only through aerobic training. Of course, running, is considered the best tool in the fight against excess weight, but weight training he did not concede this.

Work out three times a week, with an average weight, doing 12-15 repetitions of each exercise. You'll not only actively burn fat cells, but also well tighten muscles.

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