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How to dry body fat?

In this article you will find instructions about how to dry body fat.

The summer season is fast approaching. During the winter you pumped up and strengthened. Still, something is wrong. A little confused hanging at the waist and hips protruding belly. The outlines of the muscles can not be seen behind a small layer of fat. What to do to become a hero of the beach in a month, but not shame pubs? See recommendations below and ahead.
How to dry body fat?

1. Proceed to to dry body fat program. During the winter you well increased performance in the bench press and squats. Swollen biceps, shoulders widened. Say thank you to your fitness trainer. However, the power program and program, build muscle mass have time to say no. At least, until the end of the bathing season.

What is the program that burns fat? First, it is the complex power of movement to the muscles continued to grow even during the period of training. Second, intense supersets for fat loss. Dilute all two-three any exercises to help enhance your workout.

2. Pay more attention to cardio. Running in the morning, swimming in the waters of summer, biking - all this fun, interesting and useful to the body. Waste of calories leads to burning body fat. Of course, if you do not restore these stocks due to improper nutrition.

3. Eat right. Yes, the food - it is one of the most important items in our plan. Slow carbohydrates eat in the morning. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables, the benefit they are getting cheaper in the summer. Do not make yourself heavy lunch and dinner. Try to minimize the consumption of meat. Proteins can be obtained from other foods, such as cheese, milk, eggs, nuts, cheese. And the meat, except protein, many more fat, you are about to fight.
Drink more. And not a soda, beer and spirits, and water. But water can pour a brew and juice, organic if possible.

4. Watch out for discipline. The above three points should be observed simultaneously, without interruption or compromise. Then eventually you will be able to achieve the desired result, namely, relief of muscle.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle and show by example.

How to dry body fat?

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