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Branch Warren - 6 weeks out Mr. Olympia 2012. Spontan Posing on Europa Supershow

Branch Warren - 6 weeks out Mr. Olympia 20126 weeks before the Mr. Olympia 2012 and Branch Warren shows muscles spontaneously at an exhibition of European Supershow in Dallas that he is on the right track.

Last year he had to cancel due to a serious leg injury his Olympic training, many expected that he will be the end of his career.

But he came back, he was only a few months later at the Arnold Classic in 2012, he won not in dispute.

One can only imagine how he would stand beside Phil Heath and Kai Greene, two of them in the pasthad abolished any competition, and 2nd place was taken Dennis Wolf after Branch Warren at 2012 Arnold Classic. These guys will not let him relax!

In the video below, you can see him posing.

Branch Warren - 6 weeks out Mr. Olympia 2012

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