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Arnold Schwarzenegger 65 years old!

Arnold Schwarzenegger 65 years old!
Arnold Schwarzenegger 65 years old!

July 30, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man of legend, celebrated 65 years of age. Photography absolutely fresh, done during the presentation on the new film "The Expendables 2".

Looking at the Arnold, it seems that he does not show any signs of slowing down the pace of life in old age. Exchanging its seventh decade, "Terminator" remains as idol and the object imitation for of old and new generations, for all those who lovers of the "iron sport", and for all those who at least once a saw such films as "Terminator" or "Conan ".

Arnold Schwarzenegger - one of those to whom can not be indifferent, even if you are not fond of bodybuilding. Arnold, we can say today is not only a great athlete with a worldwide reputation, but also is of great importance for world culture and even history!

Personally, in my life, Arnold took not the last place, and people like me, fans of bodybuilding, there are very, very much. I grew up on his film, I was trained in his methods, and read his books. Arnold is my story too!

We wish to Arnold very strong health and success in conquering new heights! "The Great Arnie" always has a great goal

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