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2012 PBW results

August 11 was held 2012 PBW. Shawn Rhoden won his first victory in the Pro-Division. The first place to earn a high level of competition due to the large labor and struggle.

2012 PBW results

Sean was a rival to the famous Champion Toney Freeman. Freeman showed not only a proportions of championsh, but the quality of the muscles, should be enough to win, but luck and the judges in the final minutes of the preferences given to Shawn Rhoden, and Toney Freeman became only the second. Third place went to Hidetada Yamagishi, the fourth Roelly Winklaar, it had increased muscle mass, but even with that weight in the top 10 on the "Olympia" it will not be able to compete.

Won the women's bodybuilding, Sarah Hayes, bodyfitness nomination was conquered Ann Titone, for it is also the first victory in the Pro. Medal for the best swimsuit, as expectedhas received last year's winner of the "Arnold Classic" and "Olympia 2011" Nicole Nagrani.

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