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Europa Battle of Champions 2012. Results

Europa Battle of Champions 2012. Results

On June 30, Hatforde was a professional tournament for male and female bodybuilding Europa Battle of Champions 2012. This tournament is a pro-debut of the Russian bodybuilders Natalia baht. However, "the first pancake was a lump," Natalia took only 11th place. The other Russian - Alevtina Goroshinskaya - acted on these competitions more successful, taking 7th place.

The winner is in the category of "Female Bodybuilding", as expected, was Anne Louise Freitas from Brazil. Anne appeared in a form that many men would envy, bodybuilders, and in the rear positions, it could act on an equal footing with them on a single stage. In the men's tournament of the prominent athletes have been submitted, the winner was Juan Morel of the United States, who in this year's 4th on the "New York Pro".

Watch Anne Louise Freitas posing on the Europa Battle of Champions 2012

Watch Kai Greene Guest Posing 2012 Europa Battle of Champions

(Photo from "New York Pro - 2012", Juan Morel)

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