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Sheru Classic 2012 - List of Participants

Sheru Classic

Sheru Classic 2012

Announcing the list of invited athletes to participate in the second on account professional tournament Sheru Classic, which promises to pass this fall in October in India. The prize fund Sheru Classic is the third largest after the "Olympia" and "Arnold" and make 250 000 dollars. The organizer of the tournament playing first in the world pro-bodybuilder from India Sheru Aangrish.

The Official Channel on YouTube Sheru Classic

List of participants:

Mens Open
1. Jay Cutler
2. Phil Heath
3. Kai Greene
4. Branch Warren
5. Michael Kefalianos
6. Ben Pakulski
7. Roelly Winklaar
8. Ben White
9. Varinder Ghuman
10. Toney Freeman
11. Sergey Shelstov

Mens 212
1. Jose Raymond
2. Flex Lewis
3. Kevin English
4. Masoom Bhutt

1. Nicole Wilkins
2. Erin Stern
3. Felicia Romero
4. Candice keene
5. Heather Dees
6. Gennifer Storbo
7. Mona Maursen

1. Nicole Nagrani
2. Sonia Gonzales
3. India Paulino
4. Dianna Dalghram
5. Jamie Baird
6. Nathalia Melo

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