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New York Pro 2012. Results. Videos

On May 19, was one of the most prestigious professional bodybuilding competitions - New York Pro 2012.
New York Pro-2012. Results. Videos

Before the start of the tournament were considered clear favorites - Johnny Jackson, Cedric McMillan and Steve Kuclo, but? after the first photos from the tournament in spite of the persistent attempts of journalists to stir interest in the tournament, it became clear that it will win Cedric McMillan, actually what happened. Victory in a new category of 212 pounds won a three-time Mr. Olympia title holder (202 lb) Kevin Inglish.

IFBB Pro Open Men
1. Cedric McMillan
2. Johnnie Jackson
3. Steve Kuclo
4. Juan Morel
5. Jonathan Delarosa
6. Vaughn Ettienne
7. Tomas Bures
8. Mohammed Touri
9. Jeff Long
10. Sean Allan
11. Wendell Floyd

IFBB Pro 212
1. Kevin English
2. Sami Al-Haddad
3. Jose Raymond
4. Marco Rivera
5. Guy Cisternino
6. Mboya Edwards
7. Raul Carrasco
8. Nathan Detracy
9. Milton Holloway, Jr.
10. Panexce Pierre
11. Luis Santiago
12. Luis Santa
13. Noar Ziv

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