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Arnold Classic 2012 Branch Warren two-time champion!

Arnold Classic 2012 Branch Warren two-time champion!Arnold Classic 2012 I am personally pleased. Namely, the quality of muscle, which presented the leaders of this tournament.

Won the second time Branch Warren, received $ 130,000 and congratulations from Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Personally, I am with the decision of the judges disagreed. And not just me. Reading the news on Flex in the comments facebook Dennis Wolff called all the best and I agree (forgive me, fans of Warren).

I am, as always, these things contemplated action or even say, a holiday of beauty athletic body, online, which is very happy.

At the preliminary judging, we can say immediately identified leaders. They were Dennis Wolf, Branch Warren, Evan Centopani, Dexter Jackson, Ben Pakulski.

The intrigue has become more transparent when the judge invited the mandatory posing three: Dennis Wolf, Branch Warren and Evan Centopani.

Remembering the 2011 Arnold Classic and fifth Dexter Jackson, I'm a bit worried for him when it began to look with Lionel Bayeke and Ben Pakulski. I even thought that Jackson could move to the bottom of the final six. On the other participants could only guess.

At the end of the Arnold Classic in 2012 the situation has not changed, per night and none of the participants with the quality of the muscles did not do anything "magic".

I will say a few words about the participants and the results Arnold Classic 2012.

Branch Warren. He was welcomed, just as the hero. The winner of last year's Arnold Classic, and even after an injury put champion muscle. Leading even detained him after the long program and told him a few flattering words. He received the prize for the best posing and the title of "most muscular". But I stand by my opinion: Brench has massive muscles and dry, but they have little aesthetic. But the sponsors know best, the result is, in principle, predictable - Branch Warren champion. Another seemed to me that the back was not dry, like all other muscles.

Dennis Wolf was second and received a check for $ 75,000. Frankly pleased with the quality of muscles. Huge, dry, deep muscle separation, excellent poses. Arbitrary posing was impressive and the audience received him very hotly. Dennis showed the body of a champion. Looking at this cool bodybuilders do not even believe that recently a number of years he could be an outsider among the pros. And if last year he was very happy to second place this year on the contrary - very upset, if not more, and did not hide his emotions dissent. I think that the form on the AC 2012 is the best that Dennis has shown all the time.

Evan Centopani took third place on the right and took with him $ 50,000. The young bodybuilder is well progressing. He concentrated his forces in preparation for the Arnold Classic 2012 and has not lost. He added in the amounts and put excellent shape, and the judges appreciated his worth.

Ben Pakulski was the fourth. Gained weight since last year and put up an excellent quality, but here's the back needs a little wider and thicker. But in general, looked cool. Prize of $ 30,000.

Dexter Jackson did not show the peak of his form, but the proportion of Olympia allowed to take fifth place. The prize - a $ 15,000 check. Maybe he should change the trainer Charles Glass, acted like a Wolf and Green?

Lionel Bayeke became the sixth and was pleased. Of course! His first Arnold Classic, and just the sixth! He has a magnificent proportions. It is slightly improved form compared to the Flex Pro, but does not yet have the authority to be set higher. He will be a worthy competitor, and even more so with the support team Weider. Prize of $ 10,000.

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1. Branch Warren
2. Dennis Wolf
3. Evan Centopani
4. Ben Pakulski
5. Dexter Jackson
6. Lionel Beyeke
7. Brandon Curry
8. Shawn Rhoden
9. Michael Kefalianos
10. Eduardo Correa
11. Fouad Abiad
12. Ben White
13. Gustavo Badell
14. Matthias Botthof

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