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Alexey Shabunya. Road to the Arnold 2012.

Alexey Shabunya. Road to the Arnold 2012.
Alex Shabunya - the only athlete from Belarus, which has applied to participate in the tournament, "Arnold Classic in 2012." Not only that - he is the first in the history of the Belarusian bodybuilding.

Alex was third place in the Championship of the World Bodybuilding IFBB in Baku. After the disqualification of the athlete, who finished second at the moment is Shabunya silver medalist in 2010 World Cup in bodybuilding.

The decision to take part in the prestigious tournament for amateurs 2012 Arnold Classic Alex took spontaneously, he began training in September of 2011.

Alex told me that feels good, there is a little tired, because carbohydrates are reduced in the diet.

Alex believes his strong muscles - shoulders, back and arms.

His rival in the category considered bodybuilder from Russia Sergey Bazarov.

In this video you'll see the workout and posing Alexis Shabunya.

Alexey Shabunya. Road to the Arnold 2012.

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