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Arnold Schwarzenegger once again put the ring!

Arnold Schwarzenegger once again put the ring!
Arnold Schwarzenegger wears a wedding ring again, which took a few months ago after his wife Maria Shriver filed for divorce, according to ITAR-TASS reported. "Terminator" thus reminded that he is still married and seeks to preserve the marriage.

As reported previously the American press, the 56-year-old journalist and member of a powerful family in the U.S. Kennedy clan, Maria is not sure that whether or not to divorce her husband, famous, and has shared his doubts with my closest friends. The oscillations are due to Mary her religious beliefs. Maria true Catholic. A Roman Catholic Church is the guardian of family values ​​and the inviolability of marriage. Schwarzenegger did not lose hope to win back the heart Shriver. Her decision to dissolve the marriage has not led to a complete rupture of relations between them. They regularly talk on the phone, spend time together with their children. For example, his 64-July 30 anniversary of "The Terminator" in a society marked Shriver. They also celebrated Christmas with their children, which the pair of four (two daughters and two sons). Schwarzenegger and Shriver announced the decision to leave in early May 2011 after the actor admitted to treason, and that has an illegitimate son. 1 July last year, Mary filed for divorce. Arnie has agreed to pay her alimony and pay court costs for divorce proceedings.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once again put the ring!

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