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Rules of nutrition after a workout

Rules of nutrition after a workout
Rules of nutrition after a workout
Science presents us with ever new surprises. It turns out that post-exercise fatigue does not mean a general decline in energy of the body. Conversely, a few hours after the last exercise, our body, as if by inertia, retains the maximum level of energy.

Its fuel, are known to be carbohydrates. And if the body were not enough, it blocks carbohydrate metabolism and switches to the search for a new energy source for amino acids of the protein of muscle cells. In other words, our body begins to "eat" their own muscles to meet the post-exercise energy "hunger."

To avoid this happened, shortly after the bodybuilder workout should always take some food with a high specific carbohydrate.

It is worth remembering that earlier studies found another reason to binding carbohydrate intake after exercise. Within 25-35 minutes after completion of training in the body of so-called open carbohydrate "window." If during this period in time to intercept something carbohydrate, the recovery of glycogen in the liver and muscles is incredibly faster. This "acceleration" is held for long - an hour or two, well, more glycogen will accumulate in his usual ultraslow rate.

In spite of the short duration of effect, they can not be neglected. The fact that it is the rate of warehouse glycogenic stocks, by nature very slow, programs the total time post-exercise recovery. At a regular exercise can go only after its energy "batteries" in the liver and muscles regain former capacity.

On average, glycogen is restored in 18-20 hours, but in practice this period is delayed due to stress, malnutrition and genetic abnormalities. From this stems and a relatively low impact of the split-training, many bodybuilders enthusiasts. Most of them came into the room in a state of permanent deficit in glycogen. That's why fans should exercise every other day rather than daily, keeping a regular sequence of split-training. By the same method and train professionals, whose age is approaching 30 years.

Some bodybuilders, knowing the carbohydrate "window" trying to boot from carbohydrates to satiety. However, only a tiny portion of carbohydrates eaten "converted" directly into glycogen. Most carbohydrates affect its synthesis, so to speak, a roundabout way. Carbohydrate intake causes the secretion of the hormone insulin, but it is just what leads to increased formation and storage of glycogen. The dependence of the line here: more insulin - more glycogen. The only problem is that carbohydrates have a limited ability to stimulate insulin release. The increase in carbohydrate intake over 0.7-1.4 years per 1 kg of dead weight of a bodybuilder does not make absolutely no addition of the desired hormone secretion.

It is clear that the solution to increase the natural production of insulin after a workout is very interested in the scientific world. As often happens in science, the solution came as a result of a random experiment. The American scientist M. Chandler undertook to check the hormonal changes that accumulate in the blood after training bodybuilders. For comparative analysis, he divided bodybuilders into 4 groups: first post-exercise drink only water, while the latter took carbohydrates, and others - whites, well, the fourth scientist gave a protein-carbohydrate mixture in a certain ratio of 1:3.

As expected, there was minimal secretion of insulin in those who drank water and took some proteins. Relatively high - in those who received carbohydrates. But among those who received the protein-carbohydrate mixture ... Here, insulin surpasses all imaginable marks! Utilization of carbohydrates was so fast that after only an hour to Fight for some bodybuilders, the test group developed signs of hypoglycemia - an acute shortage of sugar in the blood. Even the blood glucose and she went to the needs of the muscle anabolism!

Chandler became clear that he came across the strongest stimulator of growth post-exercise, which he could only form the basis of a fundamentally new method kulturisticheskogo supply. It looks like this: immediately after training bodybuilder should be taken with food digestible carbohydrates (0.7-1.4 years per 1 kg of body weight) plus protein (at least 30-50 years). After two hours of receiving the same protein-carbohydrate composition must be repeated, or may cause hypoglycemic symptoms, up to a coma. But even if this does not happen, the body, not finding himself sufficiently in sugar, carbohydrate metabolism, blocks and start "eating" the muscles. Further, the same mixture should be taken every 2 hours, ie after 4 and 6 hours after the training.

The result is happening is that the hormonal balance changes dramatically in favor of anabolic hormones, including growth hormone. Its peak concentration in the blood is stored for 6 hours after the workout! Of insulin and say nothing! Its level is so high that the effect of "opposite" (catabolic) hormones is just trifling.

For those who do not understand the last sentence, I recall that in humans independently of one another are two types of hormones: some of the protein contribute to the growth of cells, while others, destroy them, so that the body maintains a constant weight, adequate resources physiological systems. Exercise stimulates the increased secretion of anabolic hormones, among which the first - insulin, growth hormone and testosterone. As a result, the protein cells are born much more than die under the action of catabolic hormones, "murderers." This means an increase in body weight, ie growth of the "masses."

A new way of eating for the first time guarantees certain hormonal imbalance in favor of anabolic hormones. Value method can not be overstated, because it is a safe natural secretion. The new method is finally withdraw bodybuilding dark dead end, where the same problem was solved by the underground injection of insulin, steroids and GH.

The opening of Chandler More reaffirms the fundamental fact that the power is in our sport - it's more than food. This is a kind of pharmacological treatment, where the components of food must be weighed against the apothecary accuracy and to comply strictly with hronorezhim their application.

Rules of nutrition after a workout

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