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Ronnie Coleman in police uniform video

Ronnie Coleman is a police officer in Arlington, won 8 times the most prestigious title in the world of bodybuilding - "Mr. Olympia"

Ronnie Coleman - The Legend of Bodybuilding in police uniform.

America, Texas. Arlington. A few guys staged a loud drunken brawl. They're going to resort to knives. Next to the sidewalk sharply slows police car. Out of the car slowly comes to bullies giant. Guys just freeze in place like hypnotized. They could try to compete with Ronnie, but it would have looked as if they are trying to cope with a multi-ton uncontrolled asphalt paver! Gangster fight ended not had time to start.

Ronnie Coleman in police uniform video
This is not an American blockbuster film. Man-mountain in the form of police - bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman, the guardian of law and order, eight times Mr. Olympia, the owner of the relief muscles and harmony among the best bodybuilders in the world.

Ronnie Coleman in police uniform video

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