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Bodybuilding for teenagers. 10 valuable tips.

The popularity of teenage bodybuilding is growing at an astonishing rate. Hooked on teens attending the gym every day. And I do not blame them, because teenage bodybuilding is one of the most effective means of self-assertion for lean guys at the same time allowing the girls to express admiration and respect for the guys. But he did not just develop self-confidence, this sport is a disciplined way of life, increases the work ethic and teaches proper and nutritious food.

Bodybuilding for teenagers. 10 valuable tips.
You can start bodybuilding at an early age, it is open you the way to a new world. Teen bodybuilding is a great way to train yourself to live a healthy lifestyle. It will require you to perform regular weight training, aerobics, a balanced diet compliance and even stimulate the mental faculties, because important point - the constant training. And of course, the teen bodybuilding can help you get rid of all these insulting nicknames: "bony", "dystrophic", "scrag immortal" and so on.

Unfortunately, this sport is not as easy as it seems - the result of training techniques and no progress could be personal injury, unsafe habits and frustration.

Therefore, the question arises as to how properly to begin to engage in teenage bodybuilding? Do we need young athletes the latest bodybuilding magazines? Learning from friends or from professionals? Practice every day or every other day? Rely on a supplement, and when to start taking them, after stopping progress or before? Focus on training for endurance or intensity prefer? Teen bodybuilding involves a lot of questions, and each of them have different opinions. Present to you 10 of its most valuable tips for a successful start in their teenage bodybuilding:

1. Avoid Steroids

If you have not been offered steroids, decide their position right now and get ready to say "no" when the supply will follow. The level of natural hormones in your body today is much higher than they can offer any steroids. You should not violate their levels at such a young age. Even if your friends will laugh at you because you did not use illegal anabolic steroids, a real man to stay and train free of steroids. In the end, their respect for you just grow up, because you do not have enough character to join the dark side.

2. Focus on clean power

Old habits are hard to get rid of. Do you want to - believe it or - no, but a habit to eat right, you are laying today will affect your entire adult life. Like any young person, you have the opportunity to acquire good habits at an early age. I advise you to opt for pure carbohydrates such as whole grain breads, oatmeal, brown rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Intelligently approach the selection of a diverse and high-quality protein - tuna, chicken, fish, cottage cheese and protein shakes. Balance the food with the help of friendly fats such as olive oil, fish oil, natural peanut butter and nuts. Be proud of the fact that you know what pure power. Treat this as a chance to become an example for your friends! I promise that some of them, admiring your figure, one would ask for your advice!

3. Avoid exercise only one part of the body, isolating exercises, choose the basic exercises, load all the muscle groups

Training for the whole body? But all my friends are now trained his chest. And tomorrow will be back to coach. And they are working out on Wednesdays hands. If you have the courage to not follow the crowd, trust me. You still too early to hone individual muscle groups and train only one body part per day. If you do not aspire to a career in competitive bodybuilding, such splits - an excellent way to overtrain in adolescence. I'll try an analogy. You eat only once a week? You are taking supplements only once a week? Maybe you sleep once a week? Or study once a week? Then why train a muscle group only once a week? This makes no sense. Full body workout will allow you to load all the major muscle groups three times a week instead of one, and this without overtraining.

4. Strive to maintain good physical shape

Teen bodybuilding can become a sport for real lazy. The next time you're in the gym, watch how many people are actually doing something. Seriously, I guarantee you'll see more of those who stand and talking, working sets weight or staring into a mirror. Few are really in a hurry to move from one exercise to another, sweating from work. This is another reason to avoid training the same body part. They are not able to stimulate physical fitness, and cardiovascular system. Your training program with weights should include more than just lifting weights working. Observe the proper balance between strength and aerobic exercise, your training sessions should be accompanied by climbing stairs, jumping rope, running intensive, supersets and only short intervals of rest. If you do not feel sick at the end of the approach, I doubt the intensity of your workouts.

5. Use only the basic nutritional supplements

You are a teenager and should save money for college and my first car. Do not fall for tricks too heavy advertising and sports supplements that promise the whole world at your feet. Follow the adage, "if it looks too good to be true, it is likely the way it is!" All you really need - it's a multivitamin, which should be taken throughout life, as well as high-quality protein powder and containing omega-3 fish oil capsules. For you, these three food additives will be more than enough. Do not worry about creatine, glutamine, fat burners testosterone booster, or products with nitrogen dioxide. The first three or four years to train only with the basic nutritional supplements.

6. First of all, learn the proper technique

How far you move without control in golf equipment from? How well you can ride a skateboard, if you will not be taught? Soon you'll be free to play the piano, unless you take lessons? How much muscle you build without the proper technique of exercises? A little bit!

I hope that you are intelligent enough to swallow pride and accept the fact that your first step should be to get professional instruction from an experienced fitness trainer. I know many of your friends think about it will not, and you will say, "Teach it yourself" or "See how others are doing." Can you imagine a surgeon or dentist who has followed this advice?

Think about it. In front of a whole life resistance exercise. Pay off if the money spent on professional fitness trainer in the beginning? Absolutely! If you start a strength training is incorrect, then get ready for the next vacation to spend the money you saved on the coach, the replacement therapy! And even if you do not get hurt immediately, most likely it will happen a couple of years,
when you reach the serious business of the balance.

7. Pay attention to stretching is not less than working with free weights

Unfortunately, most trainees stretching underestimated, and in fact shortened muscles are weaker and slower, which increases their risk of injury. A good stretch - the only physical quality which is never enough. Stretching can not be abused.

If you intend to seriously pursue bodybuilding, it is strongly recommended to acquire the habit as soon as possible. Textbooks will offer you a variety of techniques stretches, but overall there will be one - 20-30 seconds on each muscle group. Do not even bother to spend time at a stretch. Relying on personal experience, I recommend you stretch for at least the same amount of time you spend on a working lift weights. This means that every hour of weight training should be accompanied by an hour stretch.

So, if you train with weights four hours a week, perform better, too, stretching four hours a week. Even the laziest advise her to spend at least half the time that is spent on strength training. But once you do feel the positive effects and to increase strength, and to accelerate recovery and reduce the number of injuries, I am sure you will extend the session without any problems stretching to the recommended ratio of 1:1.

If you're not going to spend time stretching it almost certainly will reduce your life in bodybuilding, you will not achieve what could be achieved and, of course, worse overall quality of life. Remember, weight training shortens the connective tissue that you train, and makes them stiff. Stretching prevents this effect and provides a place for muscle growth!

8. Focus primarily on the relative strength of

It surprises me that most teenagers bodybuilders can barely do a set of 40 pushups, 20 pull-ups and 30 push-ups on the bars. I think this is a standard test for checking the physical form that you want to perform with ease before you start training with weights. If you can not do this now, do not be lazy to pay three or four months of preliminary training. I once heard a famous fitness trainer said: "It makes no sense to use weights, if you can not even balance, maintain control and effectively perform the movement, using its own weight." I totally agree with that.

What is the meaning of 70 kilograms of negligent rods to the chest on a high block, if you can not catch up, and ten times? What is the meaning of 85 kilograms in the bench press with a microscopic amount of reps, if you can not be wrung from the floor a couple of dozen times? What is the meaning of 230 kilograms in the bench legs, if you can not do sit-ups and one approach on one leg? Believe me, after several months of training with only its own weight, you are surprised by the speed of progress in the working balance, when ye go to training with weights.

9. Train no more than an hour

Unless you are participating in the competition teenage bodybuilding at the longest workout, I just can not imagine what you can do in the hall for over an hour! Did you go to the gym for a workout before a mirror and spend more time looking at yourself than to a real workout. Immediately suggest a correct training program. If your training session last more than 20-30 minutes even at moderate intensity, and exercise to failure, then I will have confidence in their intensity. Shorter and more intensive training is always superior to the effectiveness of more prolonged and less intense session.

In essence, the aim should be to train faster and faster. This ensures that your muscles good condition and adapts them to the increasing weight. The more muscles perform work for a period of time, the faster will increase their density. In addition, at your age the body has the ability to easily carry the increased loads.

10. Develop a full range of motion

First of all, the teen bodybuilding should ensure that building strong muscle joints, tendons, ligaments and bones - it's called in the textbooks of anatomical adaptation. Treat building muscle as a finishing touch to build a lasting home. You're not going to build a frame house until the foundation laid. Strengthening tendons, ligaments and bones will be laying the solid foundation upon which to build.

And what better place to start is to create a strong foundation on which to stand the house? Build from the bottom up or in our case from the inside. We strongly advise you to work with a full range of motion in each exercise with weights, this will ensure full activation of all muscle fibers, and all support tissues.

Think for yourself, unfinished movement affected only part of the muscle, and only polnoamplitudnye movement will be to develop them fully. What a way to bring you the best results: deep squats with 60 pounds, the buttocks are almost touching the floor or poluprisede 100 pounds with only a quarter of the total amplitude? That's right, only the full range of motion, even with the lighter weight can take advantage of all the muscles and improve neuromuscular communication and strengthen the supporting tissue. Never sacrifice the amplitude for the working balance.


If you are determined to deal with teenage bodybuilding and intend to do it safely and effectively, take my recommendations seriously. You should not choose to comply with just a few of them - only together, they provide you with that special bodybuilding lifestyle and lead to success in this "difficult" sport!

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Bodybuilding for teenagers. 10 valuable tips.

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