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Arnold Schwarzenegger workout for biceps

There were times when the world has known only one bodybuilder - Arnold Schwarzenegger. And one method of training called the Arnold system. Today, with hindsight of decades training recommendations of the greatest bodybuilder of XX century seem unnecessarily intense. And therefore controversial. Modern scientific experience "pump" suggests a lot of counterarguments against huge loads exhausting. Especially when it comes to biceps - a relatively small muscle, in addition overloaded indirect influence of exercise on breast and back. But take a look at photos, documents accurately depicting the hands of Arnold, as all objections crumble to dust ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger workout for biceps

It is well known that the biceps can be "pumped" only bending arms at the elbow. This movement has many embodiments, which are divided into two groups. The first involves bending, in which a dumbbell or barbell moving at full amplitude, and the second - motion, which moves in burdening the limited trajectory, while the elbow rested in the fixed support. These different forms of exercise have different effect on the biceps. The total amplitude develops a "mass", limited - "relief", and the peak separation. When I arrived in California, Larry Scott was at the zenith of fame with his theory of "pumping" the "masses" with the help desk biceps. I do not know, maybe I'm made of different stuff, but the desk in the sense of "the masses" I absolutely nothing. I was left to his own opinion: fixing the elbow determines the shape of the biceps, and more.

For masses biceps

Arnold Schwarzenegger workout for bicepsMy program is "pumping" the biceps begins with "chitingovogo" curls with a barbell. At the beginning of the movement rests on the bar front thigh, shoulder-width grip.

To move gave feedback, you need to use much weight. However, when the arm is straightened, to shift a heavy barbell from the start is almost impossible. If you do try this at the expense of the strongest willed effort, 90% of the load will not curl himself, not the bottom tendon. Traumatic impact will be greater, the greater the weight. It is unlikely that you will tear the tendon on the first try, but microtrauma, albeit intangible, will be. After 5-6 workouts you will feel at the bottom of a bunch of bicep a little pain, and a couple of workouts a pain to grow to unbearable. Everything on the "pumping" the biceps you have to put a cross, as in all the basic movements, in which the biceps is involved in passing: the bench press, inclined bench press, barbell rods to the belt in the tilt rods block the belt sitting behind his head and to Breast ... In other words, the biceps injury paralyzes the most important area of ​​your overall training - on the chest and back.

That's why I'm doing curls with the "cheating." Due to the small efforts of the entire musculature of the body I have a little "throw" the bar, and then "catch" it above the "dead" area. Further, I do rise sheer biceps - any "cheating"! I am returning back to the bar slowly and under control.

I'm running 5.8 sets of 8-12 reps. Given me a range of sets based on the fluctuations of feeling. You can not train for every single workout the same way. Muscle tone jumps due to varying degrees of recovery. In one day you rest better, some worse. If you try to do an extreme number of sets in the background of the low tone the biceps, the "weakness" of muscles will lead to the displacement of the load on the ligaments and as a result of their injury. The so-called "strong-willed" training really true path to the injury of tendons. Need to listen carefully to yourself, to accurately correlate with the actual physiological load capacity of muscles on each individual workout.

Arnold Schwarzenegger workout for biceps
My second exercise - lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting on an incline bench. Recommend to a slight deviation from the vertical back bench - no more than 25-30 degrees. I cannot back below - all 45. With such a slope at the start of the biceps are the strongest pre-stretch. The stronger a muscle is stretched, the more muscle fibers are involved in its reduction - it is a proven law of physiology. So sit ups with back rest - it's exercise, which is building the "masses". A total of 8.5 Exercise sets of 8-12 reps. The specific number of sets and repetitions depends, as I indicated, the level of my energy.

For the form biceps

Arnold Schwarzenegger workout for biceps
Immediately following the movements of the "mass" I am doing exercises to improve the peak bicep, to improve its definition and overall shape. First, I do concentrated ups with one hand. Here is a challenge - to ensure complete isolation of the biceps. It is known that leads to this goal is absolutely upright humerus. However, to provide vertical biceps in any form of concentrated hard climbs. That's why I invented an entirely new form of movement. Iron the way it is. Bend the right angle and lean one hand on any support to ensure a firm fixation of the body. In the other hand, take dumbbell and let the arm hang freely under the weight of the dumbbells. In accordance with the laws of physics hand, and with it, and biceps, will be perfectly vertical. No other form of exercise will not give such an effect, especially if you do move while sitting with support elbow on inner thigh. Humerus, whether you like it or not, there will always be slightly tilted.

My version provides absolute "isolation" biceps, which leads to the formation of exceptionally high peak. A total of 5 sets of 8-12 reps. Needless to say, in this exercise, all depends on the proper technique. Consequently, the weight of the dumbbells should be relatively small.

Arnold Schwarzenegger workout for biceps
The next exercise - alternate lifting dumbbells while standing. Here is where and is a place for supination, ie turning the brush out. There is no dispute that supination brushes leads to only a complete cancellation of the biceps, but, in my opinion, the place of supination - only among the "abrasive" exercises. Confuse the work of the "masses" and supination brushes can not. The first requires a rough forceful pressure, the second - a careful and focused attitude to the proper technique.

Take the relatively small weight, which allows you and hold in the middle of the amplitude of the elbows stationary and start the exercise. Strive as much as possible supinate wrist. Of this will be a double benefit - and for the biceps, and his peak. Rotate the forearm activates the shoulder muscle that lies under the biceps and increases its "mass" and "pushes" out the biceps. From this peak the biceps seem even more. In Action 5 sets and 10 repetitions.

I described four exercises is enough to compile the program "pumping" biceps. The only thing I have not said, it's about stretching biceps in between sets. To do this, completely flattened by the hand and a little bit to take her back. Stretching biceps, as I said, greatly increases the impact of exercise - and the "mass" and at the peak of your biceps. Do not be lazy repeatedly stretch the biceps in between all sets of the complex.

Training biceps should have a plan. If you already have "inflated" the other "mass", which fits well with the width of your rib cage and the volume of deltas, the entire program must be composed of one isolate movements. If the "mass" is lacking, the plan is as follows: three movements in the "mass" plus one forming.

If you have already achieved a good balance between "mass" and the form that those and other motions must be equal.

I suggest that "rock" biceps three times a week, combining them with the widest. In the intervening days, you "swing" with triceps delts.

If you have a very high level of preparedness, the "pumping" your biceps and triceps can be combined into one workout.

And more. Exercises for the biceps, I always do with your eyes closed. Anyone who watches me from the side, thinking that I help myself to focus on the repetition. No, things are very different. Repetition - is the mechanical work. Ask them the right mode and then you can forget about them. Brain - too powerful thing to waste it on nonsense, like tracking the proper technique. When I run downs, I can imagine how my biceps grow bigger and bigger until it becomes so huge that it fills the entire space of the hall, ending at the ceiling. I agree, it's not quite the usual method, which smells strongly shizoy. But there was nothing to be done: for the bizarre are unusual way.

Source: «Muscle & Fitness», April 1996, VOL. 5, NO. 2 "Biceps: A system of Arnold"

Arnold Schwarzenegger workout for biceps

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