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Arnold Classic 2012 List participants

As always in the spring, from 1 to 4 March in Columbus, Ohio, will take place Sports Festival Arnold Classic 2012.
Arnold Classic 2012 List participants
Remaining 68 days up to hour "X". At that time Brench Warren returns to the stage to defend his title at the 24th annual Arnold Classic Sports Festival 2012.

Warren, who won the Arnold Classic and the British Grand Prix in March 2011 did not compete at the Olympia in 2011 due to injury. This time he will fight with three-time champion Arnold Classic Dexter Jackson, Dennis Wolf, who was second in 2011 Arnold Classic and Evan Centopani, who finished fourth. Only 14 participants.

1. Fouad Abiad
2. Gustavo Badell
Lionel Beyeke
4. Matthias Botthof
5. Evan Centopani
6. Eduardo Correa
7. Brandon Curry
8. Dexter Jackson
9. Michael Kefalianos
10. Ben Pakulski
11. Shawn Rhoden
12. Branch Warren
13. Ben White
14. Dennis Wolf

Arnold Classic 2012 List participants

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