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Arnold Classic 2012 Date Category

Arnold Classic 2012
From 1 to 4 March 2012 in Columbus, Ohio will Shatat "Arnold Classic".

Well, before the start of the festival Arnold Classic 2012 remained 84 days.

From my experience I can say that bodybuilders who plan to participate have already started preparation.
A diet and exercise regime. And before the athletes a great goal and a lot of work and patience!

We wish them good luck!

male bodybuilding: 70kg up until 75kg, 80kg up until 85kg, up to 90kg, up to 100kg, 100kg more than
Classic Bodybuilding up to 168cm, 171cm up, do175sm, to 180cm, 180cm above
Female bodybuilding: 55kg before, more than 55kg
women fitness up to 163cm, 163cm above
women bodyfitness up to 155cm, up to 159sm, to 163cm, 167cm up, to 170cm, 170cm above
menschiny bodyfitness (Masters): up to 163cm, 168cm up to and over 168cm
Bikini: up to 158cm, 163cm up, to 168cm, 168cm above

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