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Muscle recovery after exercise: time and phase, increase to ability, influence of workouts.

In this article I want to talk about muscle recovery time after workout. This information will be particularly useful for natural bodybuilders.

As you know, the muscles do not grow during training and during rest and recovery. Everyone who started bodybuilding, sooner or later will be interested in muscle time to recover. What is the optimal time for muscles restoration?

The recovery time of muscles for bodybuilding - this is one of the most important factor in muscle growth. Even if you practice all the rules of bodybuilding, without sufficient time for muscle recovery all your efforts will be wasted.

For this reason, we consider the questions: the phase and the recovery skeletal muscle time after exercise, the effect of increasing recovery ability of the organism under the influence of exercise and effect influence of different types of training on skeletal muscle recovery time.

Increase ability to recover.

Our body has a limited ability to recover, but many beginning bodybuilders think that the more experience of training - the faster muscle recovery. But this is not the case. Yes, the body's organs and glands, which produce hormones begin to work more efficiently and increases the rate of recovery, but little. Otherwise Professional athletes would not use doping!

Another myth. Some people think that you have more muscle, you must exercise more. But it is not. Let me explain why this is not true. Every muscle, large and small, can overcome a certain maximum weight and as a result tremendous mechanical stresses and gets damaged myofibers proportionally strength, which may develop muscle. For example, a beginner does one set a bench press with a weight of 60 kg of ten reps and injures 5% of myofibrils, and an experienced bodybuilder weighing 150 kg with 10 reps and also damage of 5%. As a result, novice and seasoned receive sufficient stimulus for muscle growth.

The rate of muscle recovery limited because of the speed limit of metabolic processes in the human body. Given that the rate of metabolism in young people approximately the same, then recovery after exercise and increase your biceps size 56 cm longer than required for the biceps the size of 37 cm. For larger muscle spend more energy than the small for one and the same workout.

There is another error. For example, the novice comes to the gym, doing exercises for each muscle group once a week for each exercise does two sets and the first time get a good result. Next, he increase the load on the training to become stronger and makes 4 sets per exercise, but continues to train each muscle once a week. As a result, the strength and muscle mass is not growing. Why? Because the load on the training was increased, the mean energy expenditure also increased, and muscle recovery time remains the same - one week, which is no longer enough. How to solve the problem? The need to increase the rest time, for example, up to two weeks. And what to do until the muscles recover? Do light exercise that do not produce high energy and do not microtraumas muscles. But to do so few people realize.

It is for this reason, many are turning to illicit pharmacology, because they do not understand the essence of things, do not study the information. Of course, using the doping can speed up muscle recovery, but this method is only of professional bodybuilders who earn this money and they understand that it is fraught with irreversible consequences. By agreeing to use doping you should be aware that this will be consequences for your body.

Influence of different types of training on muscle recovery.

Different types of training required at different times of recovery. For example, aerobic exercise causes significant energy costs, but do not cause injury to a large number of myofibrils. After the aerobic training is restored mostly muscle glycogen. Depending on the duration of training may be required to make up from one day to three.

Anaerobic exercise energy expenditure and provoke
microtraumas muscles. For this reason, recovery will take longer because required replenish glycogen and repair muscle protein structures. The detailed below you will find in the paragraph "time and recovery phase of muscles."

Muscle recovery after exercise has these phases time:

1. Recovery creatine phosphate.
2. Removal of degradation products (lactic acid, hydrogen ions)
3. Recovery of ionic balance and fluid.
4. Recovery of muscle glycogen.
5. Recovery of protein structures.

Recovery creatine phosphate

This energy of the substrate allows us to overcome the large but short-term load or make a powerful but short-term effort. For example, a fast run and bench press with a weights maximum. Amount of phosphocreatine rapidly decreases. Within 15-20 seconds the amount phosphocreatine to almost zero, but rises very quickly. Within 2.5 minutes restored to its original level, and after 5 minutes there is supercompensation.

Removal of degradation products (lactic acid, hydrogen ions)

In the working muscles due to increased anaerobic glycolysis (weight training), lactic acid is formed and hydrogen ions, which during exercise reduce muscle performance. Elimination of these decay products is about one hour of time. According to this myth that muscles ache the next day due to lactic acid, which accumulated in the muscle in training yesterday we were dispelled.

Recovery of ionic balance and fluid.

If execution of works associated with a significant sweating, the body loses minerals, then the recovery period of replenishment of water and mineral salts, which must come from food.

Recovery of muscle glycogen

The recovery time of muscle glycogen after exercise depends on the duration and intense your workouts. On average, after strength training takes about two days, and on the third day is supercompensation.

Recovery of muscle protein structures

During resistance training is a tremendous mechanical stresses. Myofibrils that are in the muscle fibers subjected to intense discontinuous impact. Myofibrils are all different lengths, then during the exercise shortest myofibrils assume the burden and torn.

After damaged myofibril, it must be completely destroyed, lysosomes (cleaner cells) begin to dismantle it. Within roughly three to four days myofibrils is destroyed, then within three to four days synthesized about the half. 90-95% muscle repair time within fifteen days, but in general, completely muscle recovery period about 90 days.

Longest construct tendinous part or collagen, (the transition from muscle to tendon). Ie, muscle has recovered, and tendinous part is still recovering.

From the foregoing it follows that developing, heavy muscle building workout at the same muscle group should be no more one times a two weeks! . Rest between workouts should be about two weeks. About heavy workout to build muscle once a week for each muscle group can not be speech! Very frequent training do more harm than good, can deplete the body.

Remember! Only a complete muscle restore! Otherwise, good and stable results increase muscle mass does not get. Getting adequate rest muscle you will enjoy an increase in strength and mass.

I also want to add that can help you recover faster and building muscle mass. This will help sports supplements such as protein powder, energy equipment mix, amino acids, BCAA, creatine monohydrate, glutamine.

Protein muscle recovery

If you consume after a workout whey protein after a workout to feel muscle pain less. Some pain will still be, but the fast nature of the whey protein can minimize these effects. Whey protein helps build muscle mass faster than if you do not consume protein after a workout. Whey protein contains essential amino acids. Many amino acids in muscle cells accelerate the protein metabolism and your body will use to rebuild muscles and increase muscle mass.

I hope I answered the question: "How many hours is necessary for muscle recovery?".

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