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Bodybuilding diet for muscle mass

The right diet bodybuilding for muscle mass.

Nutrition is an important part in bodybuilding when it comes to building muscle mass. A very large part of the muscle are proteins and amino acids, the latter being the smallest components of the protein, proteins are composed of approximately 20 different amino acids. Since it is naturally close to the body and perform exactly these substances.

Bodybuilding diet

The necessary proteins can not unfortunately be stored by the body and must always be taken with food. It is very important that the body is found in muscle building that is enough protein is available, as a value about 2 grams per kg / body weight.

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Carbohydrates are also important energy sources for bodybuilders, in contrast to the protein can be from the body in the liver and muscles in the form of glycols (multiple sugars) are stored.

The best time to absorb proteins and carbohydrates is always looking for resistance training, because after exercise, the body begins to repair itself, and muscle mass, therefore it is important, you want to achieve bodybuilding success, supporting his body as far as possible there. The diet should be underestimated in any case in muscle building.

Large meals should be avoided, the better it is split among several smaller meals, as a guideline is 5-6 meals per day, it should be noted that in the morning your metabolism is better than in the evening. These meals should consist of sufficient protein in powder form and split carbohydrates. Fat should largely be avoided.
Food intake before and after strength training strength training
First of all we should distinguish what we want to achieve with the training or strength training at all.

Is it in the first line about fat loss, then should the athletes with carbohydrates at the last meal before training handle it very sparingly, the better the absorption of protein rich food, such as Fish or natural cheese.

Carbohydrates should be shunned for a simple reason prior to exercise, because the body burns him in the first line made available carbohydrates, and only later begins to burn unwanted fat deposits, it is advisable not to feed him before then with carbohydrates.

A rule of thumb, to receive the food the last one should not forget this:

- Take 2-3 hours before exercise no more food
- Low carbohydrate
- More protein-rich substances

If the muscle during strength training in the foreground, then playing the absorption of carbohydrates again a big role in bringing to the muscles, really gets going, because without a certain amount of success in bodybuilding Kohlehydratspeicher will be rather thin. Also, the proteins play a significant role, wants to mold his body right, because the protein intake is too low, can weaken the muscles more. This is about 2 - 3 grams per kg body mass should be taken per day of protein itself. The best alternative, to build more muscle, more animal protein components in powdered form, or better yet, here are amino acids which are actually just split up proteins, this can be absorbed by the body much faster than the protein.

Amino acid in liquid form, the body can absorb already been in about 15 minutes. This is especially after strength training to build muscle in bodybuilding is of great importance, since suffering just after strength training of the body at a high deficit of amino acid, so it the amino acid household is as fast as possible to compensate for maximum success in the muscles in bodybuilding to achieve.

Later at home should be the body again supplied with protein for muscle regeneration.

Bodybuilding diet for muscle mass

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