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Amino acids and muscle structure

Amino acids - is the main material for building muscle tissue. But the latest research on the role of amino acids was forced to supplement the traditional view. It turned out, the amino acids are active participants in all the major processes in the body builders.

Amino acids determine not only the growth of strength and "mass" of muscles, but also the restoration of physical and mental tone after exercise, catabolism of fat and even intellectual activity of the brain.

Scientists have also found that amino acids are essential for muscle recovery after workouts. Amino acids with branched chain transfer chemical (amine) group of pyruvate to form alanine. In the liver alanine is converted into glucose, which provides energy for workouts.

Amino acids can also be converted into glucose and then delivered directly to trikarbonatkislotny cycle that produces energy in muscles.

Exercise, even moderate-intensity lead to the collapse of nearly 86% of amino acids with branched chain - it emphasizes the importance of protein supplements and amino acid supplements for a quick recovery and further muscle growth.

Amino acids - are organic "atoms" of the universe. Just as different combinations of elements in the periodic system form an infinite variety of the world around us, and countless combinations of 23 amino acids constitute the entire extravaganza of flora and fauna. Scientists say that the composition and types of amino acids are the same for the entire universe and if one day we will visit the aliens, the issue of amino acids do not surprise us nothing new.

Various combinations of amino acids mean different kinds of proteins characteristic of different members of the living. In view of this animal for each other are the best source of nutrition. The whole process of digestion, including the human stomach is reduced to the dismemberment of the protein molecule under the action of the acid juice into individual amino acids. Well, then of the same amino acids within a living organism is "assembly" of the required amino acid combinations, ie protein is synthesized own, covering domestic demand growth and reproduction.

Of all the amino acids 14 are synthesized by the body itself from organic raw materials, eaten throughout the day, and the remaining amino acids are classified as essential. Essential amino acids are not synthesized by man and so to get them, people should eat their smaller brethren, more precisely, their meat.

However, natural products professional athletes prefer a mixture of protein and free amino acids. The reason for bioavailability. This term denotes the ability of organic matter assimilated by the human body. Two different diets may contain the same number of amino acids, but their effectiveness will be incomparable due to different bioavailability. Compare, if you eat a good piece of beef, the amino acids in the blood does not arrive earlier than 1.5-2 hours. But if you take a free-form amino acids, they take a direct part in metabolism after 14-16 minutes.

As you know, within 40-55 minutes after a workout in the body open so-called "carbohydrate window". A recent study showed that this name is rather arbitrary. In fact, the need to take as carbohydrates and proteins - in this case is sharply accelerated the accumulation of glycogen and in addition to the blood rapidly saturated protein molecules.

The amino acids in free form produced since the 1980s. A free-form amino acids are expensive drugs, but their popularity is growing rapidly. All professional bodybuilders take free amino acids in capsules or in powder form.

Now you can buy in a free form amino acids are of two types. Crystalline amino acids most biologically active. They should be taken in the first place, despite the high price. Complete amino acid peptide bonds are needed as a supplement to the protein that obtained with conventional food.

Amino acids in the powder, soluble in water are a balanced blend of amino acids, which is well absorbed.

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