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Alexander Nevsky again "Mr. Universe"

Alexander Nevsky again

This year's major events WFF-WBBF the title of "Mr. Universe" and the World Cup started bodybuilding in the Austrian capital Vienna on November 2.

The first day of competition brought victory to the current "Mr. Universe" Alexander Nevsky. This year, Alexander was a bit more massive than the last tournament in Brusno Fonts.
The World Federation of Bodybuilding is trying to change society's attitude to bodybuilding when people do not accept the modern bodybuilding professionals, regarding them as aliens. In search of a role model for trying to regain its former WBBF look closer people-champion bodybuilder in the form in which it was in the "golden era". As a result of winning the "Universe" again won the Alexander Nevsky, who managed to defend his title. In the "easy" category win Paul Rassussen of Norway, among women - Fernanda Yoglas (Argentina).

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