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Sheru Classic 2011- results. Phil Heath wins!

Sheru Classic 2011- results. Phil Heath wins!September 24-25 in Mumbai (India) was a welcome Sheru Classic 2011. Intrigue
expectation that Jay Cutler would take revenge from the new king, Phil Heath did not materialize, it did
not allow to happen even slightly improve the shape of Cutler, as the result of a $ 50,000 prize
money in the pocket of Phil Heath.
The remaining prizes in both bodybuilding and bodyfitness
distributed in exactly the same sequence as in the recent Olympia, with the exception of castling in
bodyfitness between Eva Cohen and Kandy Keane.

1.Phil Heath
2.Jey Cutler
3.Kay Green
4.Viktor Martinez
5.Dennis Wolf
6.Toney Freeman
1. Nicole Wilkins
2. Erin Stern
3. Candice Keene
4. Eva Cohen
5. Cheryl Brown
6. Larissa Reis

Sheru Classic 2011- results. Phil Heath wins!

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