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Mister Olympia 2011 Phil Heath new king! Results

Mister Olympia 2011 Phil Heath new king! ResultsPhil Heath - now you're the new king! With that, Jay Cutler completed congratulations Phil Heath at the awards ceremony. Yes, Phil Heath Champion, "Mr. Olympia 2011"! This is result that he was waiting for his whole heart of a champion.

Now I want to share their opinions about everything and at the end of the page, you watch video.

Waking up to an alarm clock on the first day of competition, "Mr. Olympia 2011", I began to wake up, watching the graceful movements of hot female body, beauty bikini category, "Amazons" fitness category. Oksana Grishina happy to fifth place, but I think it's worthy of the highest places. Amanda Latona, commenting on these categories, predicted Oksana place in the top 3.
Bodybuilding women I had no doubts that Iris Kyle wins.

And then waited for the category of men. In the first part, when bodybuilders posing on one stage, I immediately pointed out that Phil is ready to hit 100%, and Jay Cutler's form was far from his peak, which he presented on the "Mr. Olympia" in 2009.

Next round of proportion. Here, too, Phil Heath jumped higher than Cutler. Finally the comparison. In this round, I immediately all became clear when the scene called for a comparison of four: Kai Greene and Victor Martinez, Dennis Wolf, Dexter Jackson. It was clear that these athletes will be competing for place with the third to sixth. It even seemed to look on the faces of these four, that all faded and sunk, their fighting spirits left them and took place in the auditorium to watch the show, which took place according to the script. Of course, they all understood.

And then called for comparison of Phil Heath and Jay Cutler. Phil Heath was clearly better. Jay this year was not so dry, somewhere lost hamstrings, of this leg seemed deflated against a massive upper body.
Biceps injury of his left hand did not spoil the general form.

On wrote that Phil Heath has become wider and added that v-torso imagery, and the word "narrow" is not applicable to him. But it seemed to me that his hands have become more, and it steals the visual width of the shoulders.
Jay Cutler was the same as in the Olympia in 2010, but then he had enough of this condition to take the fourth Sandow. This year, Phil Heath muscle arsenal was more powerful and Jay was not able to respond in kind. Nevertheless, Jay fought to the end and held himself with dignity, like a true champion.

Phil Heath on behavior was evident that he already knows something. And Jay does not behave like "I want to be a five-time Mr. Olympia," and behave "I was Mr." O "four times! Do not forget about it.. "

In the second, final, day of intrigue vanished in general, when at the beginning of broadcast showed video of Phil Heath - "The Road to Olympia 2011", interviews, etc. Everything is clear, Phil Heath will be the new "Mr. Olympia".

Hit on the scene acted more confidently and smiled a lot and there was less aggression during posing.

During the awards for first and second place, just like last year, were two friends - Phil Heath and Jay Cutler, pending announcement of "Mr. Olympia 2011". "And the tonight becomes the champion Phil Heath!" - Said those treasured words Bob Chicherile. Heath got his biggest trophy - a statue Sandow and 200 000 $.

Phil and Jay a lot of hugging, which was smaller in 2010 by Cutler, I thought. Phil Heath was worried less than last year, though crying on stage when he was declared the champion. This is understandable, and he has waited a long time and he deserves this title.

After awarding Phil, Jay announced the new king. And Jay said, smiling: "I always knew you will going to the champion, but I do not think that you win me.." Phil Heath made a speech champion, a long, I thought he was getting ready, and took the position ovation and camera flashes.

On the other athletes. Kai Greene, showed good quality, I believe that he has rehabilitated himself in full and on the right third.

Victor Martinez finished fourth and took revenge on Dennis Wolff for their defeat at the Arnold Classic 2011. I thought that Martinez is not squeezed out of a maximum.

Dennis Wolf was upset fifth place. But this year he has shown himself very well and also rehabilitated and returned to the top echelon Pro League.

Dexter Jackson has shown good quality, as I thought he was slightly decreased. Seems «Blade» go to the sunset of his pro career.

Tony Freeman «X-men» - seventh. The form was not the best.

Brandon Kari rookie Pro Division is the eighth. Excellent proportions, but the quality seemed not enough for eighth place, but in general, a promising athlete. It seems he has a contract and his push. He regularly shone on

Ronnie Rokel - ninth. I liked its shape, I would have given him even in seventh place. The forum "Iron factor," someone wrote saying "finished badly with retention of shape all year round", I think, is not the case.

Hidetada Yamagishi - tenth. I think that his also pulled. The quality is good, but not as Massive as before.

Eugene Mishin place - somewhere in the end. This he frankly failed Olympia, a quality that can show Eugene, was absent.

In the category of 202 (up to 94 kg) was not a surprise. Kevin Inglish became a champion for the third time. James "Flex" Lewis lose Inglish, by weight, and became the second, but to win Jose Raymond, took revenge for New York Pro 2011, then became a champion Jose.

So, Phil Heath, nicknamed "The Gift", "Mister Olympia 2011". He is only 31 years old, he is young and strong. I think he took the throne of King of Olympus for more than a year. I say this considering the potential of Phil Heath as a bodybuilder and plan sponsors and the IFBB, which were long-term in recent decades.


Mr. Olympia 2011. Phil Heath the new king!

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