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IFBB changed the rules on qualification Mr.Olympia.

IFBB changed the rules on qualification Mr.Olympia. If you had
to take part in the Olympia athletes who have taken to with
first through sixth place at the previous Olympia and Arnold
Classic, now a treasured qualification brings only the first
Four seats at the tournament in Las Vegas and only the first
three in a tournament in Columbus. Even stricter will be
selected for another Pro show.
On the "New York Pro" will be the winner of the coveted
badge and a silver medal, while the remaining tournaments only winner. In the case of
if the champion has already qualified, then the vice-champion, it does not automatically transferred, that would break into the
Olympia, he should become the first in the next qualifier. If, because of new rules,
the Olympia is not necessary
number of participants, IFBB reserves the right to invite to the tournament of any athlete who, for their authoritative opinion
is worthy of participation in the tournament.
These measures came after the IFBB when counted the cost of a record number of participants involved in this Olympia
year. The changes should have a positive impact on the credibility of Olympia, for now will be allowed to participate truly the best of the best.

IFBB changed the rules on qualification Mr.Olympia.

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