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How to gain weight and muscle fast

How to gain weight fast, how to get better, how to get fat, help me, i need to gain weight and muscle fast, and so on. Many people ask this question.

All strategies are based on the weight gain increased caloric intake and sports in order to build muscle.

How to gain weight and muscle fast A set of masses is a complex problem. And it is in the plane of the construction of proper training program, proper nutrition and proper process between training recovery.

Nutrition for gain weight and muscle fast

The general principle - the current weight of the body is in balance with the current level of supply, the level of calories obtained.

How to gain weight. Increase the number of calories produced - increased body weight, start to recover.

If you decide to gain weight, you will need, above all, to review your diet.

Correct to increase the number of foods consumed by additional methods write.

How to get better. If you eat 3 times a day, add more meals, go to 4 to 5 meals a day at equal intervals of time. Professional bodybuilders to maintain their body weight fed 7-8 times a day.

A good source of extra energy, especially for sports, sports nutrition will be a reception (carbohydrates, protein, weight gainer). It not only compensates for the lost energy and restores muscle tissue, but also provides the necessary building blocks for future growth.

Governing the combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats in your diet can regulate the structure of his body.


Training a good helper at a set weight.

Classes with weights stimulate the metabolism, altering metabolism. Muscle groups, run the internal mechanism of growth. A desire to eat and when properly meet this need, we get the growth of muscle mass.

But then again, not every training will give the desired result. Training aimed at gaining weight - it's high intensity, short-term, with good recovery process.

How to get fat - principles of training to gain weight

1. The total training time in the room is 40-60 minutes.
Continuous training reduces the intensity (load per unit time) and burns energy.
2. The time between sets is 60-90 seconds.
The maximum effect is achieved at a high intensity even at a lower operating weight.
3. The next workout after the full recovery of the body (get 2.3 workouts per week).
A set of masses is not due to time spent in the room, and on how much was loaded muscles during exercise, and how to they rest in the recovery period.
4. The program should always include basic exercises those involving large muscle groups, such as horizontal bench press, squat, it becomes.
Basic exercises internal hormonal stimuli trigger growth.
5. Best tools for weight gain are barbells and dumbbells.
Exercises at the gym working with isolated muscles are polished relief.
6. Within 30 minutes after your workout eat a writing containing carbohydrates and protein is desirable (optimal reception gainer (a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins).)

The body begins to recover spent the elements, and if he does not give them will get them, destroying the body.

The recovery process

The process of recovery between workouts is extremely important. It was at this time is the growth of mass, weight gain.

Highlights of the recovery process is food and sleep.

Nutrition is important not only in the number of calories consumed, but also for its composite structure. To maintain muscle mass the body needs to consume 1.6 grams of protein daily per 1 kg of dead weight. For a set of muscle mass 2-2.5 grams per kilogram.

For a full recovery requires healthy sleep at least 8 hours a day.

How to gain weight and muscle fast

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