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Before going to the gym

What makes a person more often go to a sports club? The desire to improve your figure, make it attractive to become stronger, improve their health.

Certainly bodybuilding can help in achieving these goals. But for this it is important to take the right start, otherwise the result may be quite the opposite.

The conventional wisdom that any sport is good for, is not so straightforward, especially in the case of bodybuilding.

Any physical activity - it's stressful for the body and the body if it is not prepared or your current lifestyle does not allow to fully eat and rest, the result of lessons will be injured, weakened immunity and worsening of chronic diseases.

So, before heading to the gym, you need to analyze several factors that affect the outcome of your bodybuilding.

Physiological factors


A major limiting factor is the age of bodybuilding. The rule of "the sooner the better" is valid only for those sports where the need precise muscular coordination. As for bodybuilding, the optimal start time - 15-17 years old. Upper age limit does not exist.

Make the most out of training at the end of puberty at 16-20 years. Physical activity is formed not only muscles but also the skeleton. Shire is the thorax, wider shoulders, thicker bones, stronger joints and ligaments.

The later you take over the bar, the more problematical high level of achievement. But this is only the magnitude of the muscle volume, as for the pure athletic skills and training effects on the cardiovascular system, there is no age restriction. As we age, strength and strength endurance declining slightly, and provided regular training does not fall at all.


Before to set some goals in bodybuilding,  examine yourself. Start with health - complete a full medical examination.

There are many diseases that preclude bodybuilding or severely restrict them. It sometimes happens that a person has low intensity internal disease, which has no effect on his life. With such an ailment he could live for years without knowing the issues. But here he takes up a sport, and under the influence of heavy physical exertion disease is an acute phase.

Most of the tragedies associated with the heart. Therefore, prior to training the heart must be carefully examined. Superficial examination by a cardiologist is not enough, as little as one of the electrocardiogram, it can not detect early signs of maloproyavlennye heart disease. Requires a deep echocardiographic examination, which will put your heart diagnosis.

The second thing to do - is treated teeth. Otherwise, due to increased blood flow caused by intense physical activity, infection penetrates into the internal organs and cause formation of dangerous inflammatory foci.

More detail on this subject recommend that you read the article "Chronic infections and extremely energetic training"

In the future a serious pass a medical examination at least once a year.


When you dot the "i" in their own health issues, go to the analysis of its physical form. This is especially important before starting bodybuilding. Training should begin in a state of preparedness of a good cardio-vascular and musculo-ligamentous apparatus.

Start with a complete bodybuilding zero in the sense of physical fitness only ineffective and dangerous. If you ever seriously engaged in sports, then you have weak ligaments, poor muscle coordination and, most importantly, the low tone has psoas. All this can cause serious and intractable injuries, in particular, the lower spine.

That's why training is necessary before a special course to general physical training, including running, pull-ups, exercises on the parallel bars and horizontal bar, intense swimming, push-ups, banners, etc. The duration of this course should make no less than three months.



Afford a carefree few bodybuilding can be. Usually in the first place in his life is work. Neglected her for the sake of bodybuilding is unlikely to succeed, the more that he requires a lot of money. So to the fore the search for compromise between these two classes.


Debilitating mental strain completely eliminate heavy training because the exercises in bodybuilding requires considerable volitional effort. It should be recognized in this report and do not bang your head against the wall.

If you do not have time to bodybuilding, if life forces to do something else, Humble. And in any case, do not try to exercise in spite of everything, exposing the body at serious risk.

Keep yourself in shape with light physical activity until your life is not settled. And then you stay healthy and will not start from scratch, having received the long awaited opportunity of regular exercise.


Of great importance is the environment. It's better when it supports and inspires you. When choosing a wife must consider its relation to bodybuilding, or later There are a lot of problems.

More often with the environment does not carry. A typical case - the stagnant attitude to bodybuilding. Is not it better is another option when your friends share a passion for bodybuilding, but among them there is no one who could share their experiences and knowledge. Such a mentor is very necessary, especially at the initial stage. Of course, it's better if you will be close to the coach and instructor.


Recently among the diseases in the first place moved immunity disorders and physiological functions under the influence of unfavorable environmental conditions.

Each of us lives in certain conditions, which together represent the quality of life. So, the higher the quality of life, the higher the return on training. Foods high in fat, water mixed with industrial poisons, poisoned air - all this can not adversely affect your health and training.

As for the natural climate, the most successful exercise in hot latitudes. As we move north dynamics slows down muscle growth. The hot climate is much faster all the internal metabolic processes, including muscle anabolism. Very high impact exercise in the open air. In addition, the warm climate means plenty of fruits and vegetables. Also important is also high levels of ultraviolet radiation, which improves muscle tone.

Training base

The effectiveness of training depends on the quality and variety of training equipment. No hardware - no result.

It may happen that you will not find in the city is well equipped gym. Here you must be lucky with your friends: if they are your followers, and in addition have the money, you can create all the conditions for training, joined forces. Something you buy, do something with their hands. Another way is not there. One way or something like this started many outstanding bodybuilders.

Own equipment - it's not fancy and not a makeshift solution. It allows you to keep their destiny in their own hands. You will identify the training regime and never miss a lesson due to holidays, when usually the city clubs are closed.

The purpose of training

Only after you have carefully weighed all these factors, you should really discuss your goals in bodybuilding. Theoretically, you can threaten only one of two things: either health, or title.

If you train like an amateur for their own health, you hardly ever will win the highest title. Well, if you're about to become a champion, it is unlikely that keep perfect health. You are waiting for an injury, overtraining, various ailments related to extreme congestion, and of other unpleasant "companions" high-intensity training.

This choice must be done, otherwise your bodybuilding can get absurd. Let's say you want a high vitality, health, girls' attention, and you train for wear or worse - they are taking steroids. Believe me, as a result of its goal, you find yourself even further than before in bodybuilding. Overload and receiving illicit drugs will never go unpunished, they are all dangerous, and even the sexual sphere. When to wear trained professional, it only means that the title means to him more than anything else. He runs the risk knowingly, but why risk lover?

Remember that extreme loads are justified only in one case - if you decide to become a professional athlete. If not, you need to practice moderation, but regularly and competently.

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Before going to the gym

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