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The basic rules and concepts of bodybuilding

Bodybuilding involved millions, but only few achieve hight results. Why? May be to blame genetics? Well, admittedly, some people naturally luckier than the others, their muscles actually grow faster. However, the main reason for success is quite different. To look like a bodybuilder, you have to train like a bodybuilder - that's the whole secret. It makes no sense to go to the gym just to lift weights. If the essence of kulturisticheskogo training was to lift weights, then either the loader could be a champion. Then what were we talking about?

Cornerstone concept of modern sport - "method of training." This term was born in connection with the discoveries of science - physiology as it turned out, a specific reaction of the muscles can be developed only a specific type of training - a very special way of influence on the muscle. And, not so much weight rod and the weight of the dumbbells causes the muscle to grow, how much effect that as a bodybuilder exercise. Complex scheme of multiple execution of motion in several series and is the very bodybuilders method of exercise that increases muscle volume. Well, if so, it is highly relevant is the question how to apply it.

The muscles of the Champions - is no exception to some general rules. Although exactly what it seems when you look back around - most people around us is small and weak muscles, which in addition are experiencing degenerative changes with age. Meanwhile, the muscles of each person carry from birth tremendous growth potential. This is the common feature of people as a species.

Muscles are composed of two types of muscle fibers: "red" and "white." "Red" is called "marathon" because they have very high strength endurance. "White" - is, on the contrary, "sprinters", they are able to develop extremely powerful force, but are being rapidly depleted. The ratio of these fibers affects the type of addition, and even on the psyche. Clearly, the predominance of "red" fibers makes the person physically hardy, but if more "white" fibers, he prefers short-lived sports load.
Training the bodybuilder cause thickening of both types of fibers, but a bodybuilder who has more "tolerant" of fibers will gain "a lot" more slowly, because it is precisely because of its high endurance muscles are longer resist the stress of training loads.
However, not only depend on this rate of growth of muscle "mass." Scientists say that an important growth factor is the structure of muscle cells, which make up the fibers of both types. The cells vary the number of mitochondria, a kind of power batteries - someone has more of them, someone - less. They can accumulate more or less glycogen. In addition, cells of different people have different ability to assimilate the main cellular components - water, and because human muscles consist of water by 75%.

In the training of men and women do not have much of a difference. And they both must use the same techniques, "pumping". Of course, differences between the sexes leave their mark on the training process. It is curious that men and women have roughly the same number of muscle cells in the lower limbs, but when it comes to upper body, then here is a favorite of the man. Natural muscle volume had more than twice the female. It is interesting that the level of hormones, pre-empting the muscle growth in males is 100 times higher than in women. All of this suggests that the "pumping" a woman will always lag behind the men, while maintaining its reputation as a weak half of the human race.

Bodybuilding is a foundation principle of the progressive power of stress. Every time you need to put in front of the muscle more complex training task. Trying to adapt to new requirements, the muscle will increase its volume. This is due to the fact that muscle strength is directly proportional to its cross section. Delayas stronger muscle gets bigger. These are the basics of the theory of athleticism. One of the most common methods of increasing training loads - weight gain sports equipment. This method has been known since the ancient Greeks. One of the legendary heroes of Hellas regularly shouldered calf on his shoulders. The calf grew, and with it grew and strength athlete. It should be emphasized that today the reception weight gain weights applied only at the initial stage of training. Further weight, which operates a bodybuilder, grow so that they become traumatic. Here then comes the turn of other training schemes, which allow you to raise the intensity of the loads without increasing weight.

Bodybuilding is not only a special method of construction training, and a special technique exercises. Violation of methodological rules for exercise, making them performance not only useless, but dangerous. You should understand that any movement with the additional weight, poses a risk of injury joints and ligaments. So what does bodybuilding is not compatible with levity, and even more so in ignorance of basic matters of muscle physiology.

Let's start with warming up. It must not only anticipate every workout, but the first exercise, each calculated on the muscle or muscle group. As for the general warm-up, then its value is clear: it introduces the body in training mode, activating the respiration, circulation, and adjusting to the work ahead with the weight. But the warm-up before each new exercise for many puzzling. The fact that this workout is especially necessary for security reasons. It prepares the muscles for the ligamentous apparatus of the future force stress. Even in the middle of the complex bundle of muscles are still unproductive "cold". That is why they warm up warm-up sets from 01.02 low birth weight, comprising up to 15-20 repetitions. It should be emphasized that this technique dramatically increases the return in addition the following sets. The reason is that under the influence of muscle exercises literally soaked with blood, by selecting it from the other muscles. When you go to the next exercise, aimed at a new muscle that some time to work in an unfavorable view "blood deficiency". As a result, the first 1-2 set "spent" just to pump blood to working muscles. If this "preparatory" work done in warm-up sets, then further "pump" will be much more effective.

And now for the implementation of the rules of the exercise.

Full range of motion.
Do the exercise in full amplitude, shifting burdening the maximum trajectory. Restriction means limiting the amplitude of the result of the exercise. Of complete relaxation at the initial point of motion, muscle must come to a complete cancellation in the middle path and then come back to relax at the end of exercise. When the weight will be at the point corresponding to the maximum muscle contraction, try to further stretch the muscles strong will power, and only then lower the weight.

Controlled movement.
If you move the weight quickly develop momentum, which "eat" up to 50% load. In addition, the rapid movement of weight especially travmoopasno.
Try to do the movement slowly stressed.

There is no "cheating"!
"Cheating" is the use of ryvkovogo efforts to overcome the weight. You probably have seen this picture: unable to raise the bar on the biceps, bodybuilder helps himself all over. This technique is completely excluded for beginners. They need calm, balanced movement. If it appears that muscle fatigue does not do the exercise in the planned number of repetitions, then the weight must be reduced.

The total concentration.
Exercise requires full concentration. It is necessary not only for the proper execution of movement, but also to master the control of the muscle. You should listen to the working muscles. So you can quickly understand what a burden it is working. After the recommended number of sets and repetitions is quite rough guide. It is possible that the selected load will be sub-optimal: too light or, conversely, excessive. Listening to the muscle, you can easily find the best weight for yourself.

Muscular "failure" - is not synonymous with complete muscle exhaustion. When you've done the last repetition in a set and feel that you can no longer lift the weight - this is the "failure". But beyond the "failure" you may well be able to do more reps with low weight. The basic rule of the exercises in bodybuilding says each set should end "failure." Due to natural variations of muscle tone "failure" will overtake you in different iterations. In one day you can only do 8 reps, well, in another - and 10. That's why bodybuilding is rarely indicated a specific number of reps. Usually textbooks recommend spacing repetitions of 8 to 12.

Repetition - a one-time implementation of exercise from beginning to end. During exercise, muscle goes through three successive phases: the initial relaxed state to complete the reduction and further to the final relaxation. Experience shows that the performance of exercises 5-6 repetitions increases strength. If more reps 6, the growing "mass". The largest increase shows the range of repetitions of 8 to 12. In this arithmetic, there is nothing mystical. In actual fact, the muscle grows under the influence of a certain load. So, it grows best on the weight, which is 60-75% of the maximum one-time achievements in the exercise. With such a weight you have one and you get no less than 8 and no more than 12 repetitions. In order not to force you to put risky experiments on the establishment of "records", the Methodists of bodybuilding as a starting point adopted is not the weight, and number of repetitions. But the repetition interval of 8 to 12 suggests significant variation in weight exercise. If you are targeting themselves for 8-9 reps, you have to take a little more weight than one that can be overcome in the 10-12 repetitions. What to prefer? More or less weight? There should be guided only by himself. What kind of weight you pleasant train, he and choose. Someone prefer intense, but short training. Someone who likes the measured mode of a large number of repetitions.
It should be emphasized that these 8-12 reps will be most effective, if you repeat them several times. Each repetition is called in the bodybuilding set.

So, each exercise should be done in multiple sets. Clearly, it is important to establish the optimal number of sets, otherwise the load will be either small or excessive. It is believed that the optimum for one set of 3-4 exercises, without 2.1 warmup. Well, as the muscle in bodybuilding "pump" 2-4 exercises, the number of sets, designed for her, grows up to 9-12.
Rest between sets
The time interval between sets is very important in bodybuilding, a training factor. And that's why the smaller resting muscle, the harder it is given the next set. It would seem that it's good, because then the stress of training increase. However, fatigue interferes do the exercises correctly, threatens injury and does not perform the desired number of repetitions per set. These "pros" and "cons" are mutually balance each other, if you rest between sets 30-60 seconds.

When you go to the gym, you'll find there simulators that mimic the exercises with a barbell or dumbbells. What to prefer? Of course, the live weight of traditional weights. The fact that any lifting rods accompanied by an additional reduction of the leg muscles and the press in order to preserve the body balance. This indirect training, which is present in any exercise with free weights, develop strength, muscle coordination and leads to a raise a solid overall "weight" of the body. It is clear that a lot of weight bar or dumbbells will make work more "extra" muscles. From this stems and large output of basic exercises, which are usually carried out with heavy weights. If the same weight in the exercise is low, the indirect effect can be neglected (it already is small).

Basic exercises
All the exercises in bodybuilding are divided into two types: basic and isolating. The first forced to work multiple muscles and muscle groups, well, while the latter focus on one muscle. Practice shows that the "mass" only grows under the influence of the basic exercises. Isolation movements are mainly improve the shape of the muscles. That's why beginners should start with basic training.

Previously, builders trained in a day "working through" each workout all muscles and muscle groups. However, this practice is unreasonably prolonged. The last set of exercises had to be done half-heartedly because of accumulated fatigue, and besides, the time between sessions did not have enough for a good rest. Here then was an entirely different training scheme. It is called the split-training and suggests "pumping" of different muscles on different days. This methodological procedure has proved to be so brilliant, that completely eradicated from the practice of bodybuilding other training schedule.

Rest between workouts is just as important as are the training. One of the main methodological rules of bodybuilding states that you can not come to the gym tired. If you feel that strength to you have not yet returned, be sure to give yourself an extra day of rest. Do not be afraid to break with his training schedule. It is just a common strategic plan, which is always possible to break out of tactical considerations. You have to remember that a full "bleeding" of muscle fatigue on the background you will not leave. If so, then lightly cancel training. Make a split program of the changes dictated by your individual characteristics. If you see that one day between cycles you do not have enough rest to expand the range of 2 days.

Your body - it is well-organized machine, all of which are interconnected and actively interact. That's why the life you're outside your room, will directly affect the results of training. Of course, the advantage for those who have the opportunity to fully and regularly eat, go to bed on time and also not experiencing life stress. It often happens that people take up bodybuilding not even realizing that training does not fit into his life. Then they become one more stress. Bodybuilder worried that he does not work out. From the beginning, you need to be clear: train will take you much time and effort. That's why you need to carefully weigh the objective that you like to achieve. Bodybuilding - it's always a means to achieve some goal, but not the goal itself. If you want to become award-winning athlete, then you have neglected almost everything in life, including their families. Bodybuilding as an amateurish hobby that engaged in leisure activities and family time, will never lead to victory. Such a task requires a relentless, is not interrupted for a day of work. If you want just like the girls on the beach, then the approach should be different. Approximately 2 years you will need to ensure that the exceptional gain "mass" (with literacy training, supported by powerful nutrition and trouble-free life). Then you will need only support the exercise about 1-2 times a week. They do not interfere with your life, what would you not doing. And all the problems of "pumping" stems from a simple misunderstanding in general, the obvious things: to achieve the planned results in bodybuilding need to leave with his head. If this is you build it, and sure to be the result!

The basic rules and concepts of bodybuilding

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