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Arnold Classic Europe 2011 results

Arnold Classic Europe 2011 results
October 8-9 in the Spanish capital - Madrid hosted the first ever «Arnold Classic EUROPE».

Unfortunately not able to hit a grand scale, the inherent strength that this holiday is associated with the original tournament in Columbus, no sane refereeing amateur categories.

Quite deservedly won and became richer by $ 40,000 - Victor Martinez, who equally opposed Dexter Jackson, but fortune had long turned away from the "Blade" which, after victories at the Arnold Classic and Olympia can not rise higher than the second place, even on pro-tournament second echelon.

1 Victor Martinez
2 Dexter Jackson
3 Ronny Rockel
4 Toney Freeman
5 James "Flex" Lewis
6 Hidetada Yamagishi

Mister Olympia 2011

Arnold Classic Europe 2011 results

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