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What is this Olympia ...

What is this Olympia ...

Typing the previous post about the training of Phil Heath was born I thought in my head that wanted to share with you.

At that time I remember the tears after Phil Heath Olympia 2010 behind the scenes and I can not understand. Why such emotion?
After all, it is clear that the IFBB and sponsors are everything. Olympia - a tournament the show, but secondarily, and in the first place - it's business. And Phil Heath, lives in this world, must understand this. Champions of Olympia or too simply pawns and play their rulers and their feelings, davyut some hope, and conceal the real plan? Most likely it is. There must be an intrigue, passion and emotions are not fake! For the "Mr. Olympia" - a show that is waiting, watching millions of people, but people need to show.
Honestly, I like Phil Heath, a bodybuilder and I would not want him to repeat the history of Flex Wheeler. By this, I am a fan of Phil Heath.

What is this Olympia ...

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