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Ronnie Coleman brings his own supplement line in Europe

Ronnie Coleman brings his own supplement line in Europe
Collaboration with Best Body Nutrition?

The 8-time Mr. Olympia will be later this month its "Ronnie Coleman Signature Series" on the market. The Supplement will not be placed on the U.S. market, as in the U.S. Radio Access Bodybuilding Ronnie said.

In the USA, he brings an extensive online store with a large range of different manufacturers under at the start.

On the question of who produces the supplement for Europe, naturally falls back to the name of a company from Auerbach: Best Body Nutriton.

Time everything fits together very well:
Ronnie Coleman separates from BSN and wants his place from July supplement line in Europe - Best Body Nutrition separates from Ronny Rockel with effect from 01 July.

The contact between Ronnie Coleman and Best Body Nutrition is also because he is on 08 and 09 Make an appearance in October in Finland and a seminar - presented by Best Body Nutrition Finland.

Let's be surprised if Ronnie Coleman, perhaps the successor to Ronny Rockel at Best Body Nutrition is or what other company will stand behind the "Ronnie Coleman Signature Series".

in the video below you can watch an interview with Ronnie view, in which he tells of his beginnings in bodybuilding, as well as view some excerpts from the training of the 8-time Mr. Olympia.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

How to pump up muscles?

Ronnie Coleman brings his own supplement line in Europe

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